'Setsuikumo' (Japanese: 接育毛, Hepburn: 'Setsuikumō') are a youkai species within Minecraftian folklore. While mostly humanoid in appearance, only males can be setsuikumo. Their intent is upon a male's true love kiss, this causes the hair of the girl they kissed to grow all the way down to the floor and therefore making them eligible for marriage.

The appearance of all queens, whether they are ruling or a consort of the king, all have very long hair that almost reaches the ground, and is required by the Minecraftian Royal Family's standards, whether they were born into the family or if they marry. This is because Queen Marisa was kissed by a Setsuikumo male, and therefore experienced its effects.

Any male whose mother was kissed by a Setsuikumo father becomes one immediately upon birth. Daughters of setsuikumo are called 'ikumohime' (Japanese: 育毛姫, Hepburn: 'Ikumōhime') and their hair grows as they grow, and their hair is expected to reach the floor by the time they turn twenty. Ikumohime who give birth to sons also become setsuikumo, while daughters become ikumohime.

Known Setsuikumo

NOTE: Only males go on this list.

Individual Spiritual status Reason for becoming Setsuikumo
Shigeru Ochiai Youkai-born Father was setsuikumo
Hotaru Ochiai Youkai-born Father was setsuikumo
Masaru Ochiai Youkai-born
Hideo Ochiai Youkai-born
Takeshi Ochiai Youkai-born
Satoshi Ochiai Youkai-born
Kensuke Ochiai Youkai-born
Toru Ochiai Youkai-born
Minoru Takajima Half-youkai Mother was ikumohime
Satoru Takajima Half-youkai

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