Shōkan Forever (しょうかん永遠 Shōkan eien chīmu) is a manga series published by Tsugoshi Comic in Japanese and Mangazoom in English. The manga series is based on the Shōkan franchise.

The franchise has been adapted into an anime television series, Team Shōkan Forever, for TV Tokyo by Kitsui Haka.


Shōkan Forever centers around the members of the new Shōkan team: Rubi Kanoka, Kai Gokome, Wanda Kaboshi, and Tadashi Mokasha, as they fight in new tournaments in the city of New Newton.

Other media

Team Shōkan Forever

Team Shōkan Forever (しょうかん永遠 Shōkan wa eien ni) is a Japanese anime television series created and written by Kitsui Haka. Produced by Shōkan franchise owner Drillimation Studios, the series is based on the Shōkan Forever manga series.

The series was licensed in the United States by 4Kids Entertainment and in El Kadsre by PPE Entertainment.

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