Sharkfin Building is a 389-meter mixed-use skyscraper located in Makohiro, North El Kadsre. It is the tallest building in Makohiro. Construction started on 1980 and completed in 1987 for the Expo 87 in Makohiro, it was the third-tallest skyscraper by-roof in the world when the building opened, with the World Trade Center in New York City being the second and Sears Tower in Chicago being the first.

Sharkfin Building was considered to be one of the most ugliest skyscrapers in the world, thanks to its unusual design and lack of windows, but architects and critics have been defensive towards the building, citing it as a fine early example of neo-futurist architecture. It is undergoing renovation since 2018, where most of the aluminum panels are being replaced with the diaganal windows and the grey concrete are getting replaced with the grey window paneling.

In popular culture

In the Hero Factory series, the Sharkfin Building is referred as the Assembly Tower, which served as the headquarters of Hero Factory.

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