Food and drink 

  • Shin-Chan fruit snacks (Produced by Kellogg's, 1997) (discontinued)
  • Shin-Chan Macaroni and Cheese (Produced by Kraft Food distributed by Metropolitan Media Group formerly PiraWorlds Inc., 1998) (discontinued)
  • Shin-Chan ice cream sherbet bar (Produced by Popsicle formerly Blue Bunny, 1998) (discontinued)
  • Shin-Chan cereal

Home video

Video games 

Toys and board games

  • Shin-Chan plushies
  • Bandai Shin-Chan toys
  • Shin-Chan Kinder Surprise egg toys
  • McDonald's Happy Meal toys
  • Shin-Chan walkie talkies
  • Shin-Chan puzzles
  • Shin-Chan Tiger handheld game

Clothing and accessories 

  • Shin-Chan Halloween costumes
  • Shin-Chan watches
  • Shin-Chan Fungals boys underwear
  • Shin-Chan Fungals girls underwear


  • Shin-Chan manga series
  • Shin-Chan coloring books


  • Shin-Chan party hats
  • Shin-Chan headphones & earbuds
  • Shin-Chan trading cards
  • Shin-Chan stickers
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