Shin Sekai (born January 13, 1944) is a Sentanese former politican who was Governor of the Administrative Region of the Vlokozuian State of Sentan from 1985-1989 and the Prime Minister of Sentan from 1989-1992.


Shin was born in Fusa in 1944. He was born through artificial insemination as his father, Yattaro Sekai (born Ji Sekai in 1920), is transgender. His mother, Kia Sekai (1919-1998), was a popular ballroom dancer.

Shin was elected Governor of the Administrative Region of the Vlokozuian State of Sentan in 1985 and was automatically elected Prime Minister of Sentan upon it's independence.

On February 29, 1992, Sentan's national police raided the Sentan Government House and arrested Shin. Immediately after Sekai's arrest, Reginald van Wouters was elected as the next prime minister of Sentan. Shin Sekai was found guilty of coercion and abuse of power and sentenced to 25 years in prison. Sekai was released in 2017, and pardoned by Isko Hazakte the same year.

During the Gyönyörű Földünk era in Sentan, Shin was transferred to Bolivia's San Pedro prison for safety reasons by the Sentanese government-in-exile, but later his sentence was temporarily changed to allow Shin to reside in exile in the El Kadsreian embassy in Tunis.

After Gyönyörű Földünk was ousted from power, Shin returned to Sentan and his sentence was changed back to allow him to reside in a on-site house at Heart's Landing's Ming Hazakte Prison.

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