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The 'Shintoist Province and Scarlet Devil of Samikotakiou' (Japanese: サミコタキオウルス神道国家と紅魔, Hepburn: 'Samikotakiourusu shintō kokka to kurenai ma') is a Bolivarian-Takajitoist Samikotakioulese Communist militant group that want to reestablish Bolivarian Republic of Samikotakiou under Communism with the Notchist Shinto doctrine.


After the 2000 Samikotakioulese coup d'etat succeeded, Takajito Kiyomori fled to Athuraike, six months after that happened, 20 former politicians from the Bolivarian-Takajitoist Party of Samikotakiou converted themselves from the traditional Shintoism to the Notchist doctrine of Shintoism and established SPASDOT in Samikotakiou for revenge from overthrowing the Bolivarian-Takajitoist government of Samikotakiou and want to reestablish the Bolivarian-Takajitoist government of Samikotakiou. During their first eight years of their operations, they occupied many of the abandoned cities and abandoned towns in Samikotakiou, bribed many of the government officials to gain votes and elections for the Takajitoist Party of Samikotakiou.