Shirou Matsushita (born April 9, 1952) is an El Kadsreian businessman who was CEO of El TV Kadsre Television Network from 1996-2005.


Shirou was born in Glonisla. After MCA handed over the El TV Kadsre ownership back to the Matsushita family, he was selected to be the new El TV Kadsre CEO in 1996 after serving as CEO for Dunkin' Donuts' El Kadsreian operations and as the 1993-1995 chief of TV 6 and also the first Matsushita family member since VMU's acquirision of El TV Kadsre in 1979 to become cheif executive.

He imported Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat, Freaky, All Saints, Nurse Angel Ririka SOS and South Park, and is credited with acquring El Kadsreian Melody from Media El Kadsre in 1999 and solving the battle for the El Kadsreian rights for SpongeBob SquarePants by having three networks (El TV Kadsre's El TV Kadsre 1 and ETVKK and Regal Group's RGN) air it at once. He also pay television imported Home Improvment and The Wonder Years on Disney Channel El Kadsre.

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