Shopping Spree is the Sing Along Songs with Doctor song from Going Shopping. It was written by Robert Stainton and sung by Doctor (Billy Crystal) and Little Guy (Robert Stainton). The music was performed by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.


(Cue the "Sing-Along Songs with Doctor" title card)

Announcer: (speaking) And now it's time for Sing Along Songs with Doctor, the part of the show, where Doctor comes out and sings, a sing-along song.

(Cue fading transition to Doctor at the supermarket)

Announcer: (speaking) And now, here's a little ditty doctor, cooked and steamed up with milk, honey, and butter in it, and he will get your stamp of approval into a supermarket!

Doctor: (speaking) Um, you know I'm not on the list of dinner meals, you stupid.

Announcer: (speaking) What!?! I was only joking!

Doctor: (speaking) Whatever. (clears his throat and starts singing) Oooooooooooooooooh, shopping is a great thing to do if you're looking for a product, while the rest is to be announced!

Little Guy: (singing) And I'm going to transform into a monster and destroy the whole store.

(Little Guy transforms into a monster and destroys the whole store while Doctor evacuates from the incident)

Announcer: (speaking) What!?! What the? My store! My beautiful store! What have you done!?!

(Little Guy changed his body back to normal)

Little Guy: (speaking; shocked) Uh oh! Now I'm in trouble!

Announcer: (speaking; mad) Oh my goodness! I can't believe you've destroyed my store! Now we're going to rebuild it thanks to you! That's it! You're fired!

Little Guy: (singing) Why do you get me fired because I'm trying to interrupt Doctor's song? You know I was teaching that doctor a lesson of singing with a twisted tongue! (speaking) That's it! I quit!

(cut to Doctor at another supermarket)

Announcer: Now we are at my second supermarket! Take it away!!

Doctor: (clears throat and starts singing) There's lots of things to see in the stores that you shop at. Including groceries, toys, medical stuff, and even expensive computeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeers!

Little Guy: (singing) Shoppin' is great, really great! BUT THIS SONG IS ANNOYING!

(Cue the "Sing-Along Songs with Doctor" title card)

Announcer: (speaking) This has been Sing Along Songs with Doctor. Tune in next time to hear Little Guy say...

Little Guy: (speaking; off-screen) Shut up! We're trying to get this episode running! Now you've interrupt it with this piece of garbage! Just go back to where the episode had left off, will ya?

Announcer: (speaking) Okay, okay! Sheesh!

(Cue fading transition to black)

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