For the record label, see Shout N Swear Records.

Shout N Swear is the debut studio album by American rapper Tirade, released on 13th January, 2006, through the Def Jam record label. Three singles were released for the label, "Rant Attack", "Slip and Slide" and "Mass Attack Me".


  • The album’s lead single, "Rant Attack" featuring Diddy and Lil Jon was released on 4th June, 2004.
  • The album's second single, "Slip and Slide" featuring T.I. was released on 2nd September, 2005.
  • The album's third single, "Mass Attack Me" was released on 25th November, 2005.

Critical reception

Rolling Stones gave the album a mixed review. Whilst they enjoyed the singles and found some of Tirade’s quotes amusing, they also said that most of the songs sounded the same and were fairly generic, with "Slip and Slide" and "Uppercut" being the only standout songs.

Track listing

  1. "My Team"
  2. "Rant Attack" (feat. Diddy and Lil Jon)
  3. "Mass Attack Me"
  4. "Ready To Rip" (feat. Busta Rhymes)
  5. "What the F**k?"
  6. "She’s So Hot" (feat. Fat Joe)
  7. "Slip and Slide" (feat. T.I.)
  8. "High Quality S**t"
  9. "Five Star Rolls Royce" (ft. DJ Mala)
  10. "Shoot Your Face Off"
  11. "Uppercut" (feat. D Double E)
  12. "Me and My Money" (feat. Young Jeezy)
  13. "F**k Off For Good"


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