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Sigmund Theodoro Østrum (22 November 1889 – 3 December 1960) was an Ocraitan politician of the Ocraitan Centre Party, and later the National Authamphist Front who served as a Lieutenant in World War One. He is best known as the founder of the National Authamphist Front, a culturally far-right and economically far-left party which was popular during the Interwar and World War Two.

Early life and military career (1889–1918)

Østrum was born on the 22nd of November, 1889 to a strict christian household. He was the second son of Karlsonn Østrum, a prominent army general who served in the Ocraitan Federation Army.

Military career

Sigmund signed up to the Ocraitan Army in 1908 as an NCO. He quickly rose to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, due to his position as son of an army General. After the breakout of World War 1, Østrum was sent to France and commanded troops behind the frontlines.

In 1916, Sigmund's position in Verdun was bombarded by German artillery. He escaped minor injuries on his face. It was reported that he stayed in his position on the frontlines of Verdun for 3 months before being forced to evacuate away due to a broken leg.

Political Career

Sigmund Østrum, after the end of the great war, joined the Ocraitan Centre Party in 1920. He was briefly kicked out due to his radical political views. Sigmund was inspired by the politics of post-war Germany. Radicalist ideas had become mainstream, with parties such as the NSDAP, and the SDAP becoming extremely popular. Sigmund's ideas were a mix between ultranationalism and socialism. He wrote and published the Book of Authamphism in 1922 and founded the National Authamphist Front of Ocraita in 1923.

His NAF gained popularity after a long campaign of speeches and poster distribution, the party had gained 5000 members. In the 1930 and 1936 elections, the NAF managed to gain 14,000 votes and 32,000 votes, respectively. The NAF became extremely popular amongst people on both sides of the political spectrum, and had gained the support of many prominent politicians and military officials.

Østrum's political career practically ended in 1950. Extremist ideology became extremely unpopular post-war and the party tanked in popularity.

Retirement and Legacy

Sigmund retired in 1952 and moved to Bordeaux, France, where he lived until he died of a heart attack in 1960. Sigmund is both celebrated and laughed at, becoming a well known face in politics. He is known on the internet due to various "memes", and has been featured in various media and games.

In 1970, an alternate reality dystopian book titled The Union was published, which featured a reality where Sigmund lead a coup against the Ocraitan Government, eventually resulting in an Axis victory scenario.