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Silver Bullet Pictures is a film and television studio in El Kadsre that was established in 1982 by production designer David Rudolph. The studio specializes in producing and distributing feature-length films that include fictional themes and genres such as science-fiction, fantasy, and action films. Mostly by writer and director Max Axis, who would later become the new President and CEO of the company.

Some of the most popular films from the studio include Blitzivan and Dawn of the Giants.


Silver Bullet Pictures was established as an in-name-only unit on September 19, 1982, by then 22-year-old David Rudolph and his few friends. David was interested in making films and loved science fiction and he has recently graduated film school which was running in his school. The earliest films were filmed and produced in David's house and were screened at his local university. One of its early successes was the 1983 art film The Moonrider, which became a cult hit among El Kadsreian college campuses in the early '80s. Silver Bullet also released other art films and low-budget foreign science-fiction films.

Silver Bullet Pictures was later incorporated as a full-on production company in December of 1984. And in 1986, it secured funding to produce its first full-length theatrical feature film, Mosquitron, which would become the last film directed by Rudolph before he moved on to become a production designer. His friends would later handle the directing duties soon after, and in 1987, Silver Bullet released five films from 1987 to 1991; Excali-Borg, Car Cyborgs, The Hitman's Challenge, Car Cyborgs 2, and Mecharella, directed by Matthew Arnold, Elizabeth Smith, and Oliver Pitt respectively. The first five films from the company were a critical and commercial success, leading the company to be nicknamed "The El Kadsre's Sci-fi Haven".


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