Dreamcatcher Interactive, Inc. (trading as Singularity Games) is an American video game developer based at a large campus in Redwood City, California, United States. The studio's main focus according to press releases is to develop new intellectual properties.

They are also contractually assist in development of various games. Their clients in this case include EA, Activision Blizzard, Sony Interactive Entertainment and Take-Two Interactive.


Singularity Games was founded as Laserium Holdings' equivalent to Electronic Arts' divisions All Play/Maxis, SEED and Worldwide Studios. The studio, along with Roblox Consumer Products and Laserium Game Studios Cheltenham, were purchased by Dreamcatcher Entertainment in December 2017, shortly after Laserium Holdings' assets were acquired and merged into Old Dominion Media. RCP and LGS Cheltenham would eventually become the New York and UK studios respectively. Most of the staff from there would eventually move to the Redwood City studio.

They announced to work on numerous AAA games, two mobile titles and a seventh undisclosed project in January 2018. One of the four AAA titles were announced as Cosa Nostra, and another one was announced to be published by SEGA. Two more AAA projects were announced at PAX South, as Yip and Skylar.

The JRPG-like Moving Mountains, the previously undisclosed seventh project, was announced along with seven other games in E3 2018. At Microsoft's conference, Cosa Nostra got a full disclosure and Singularity announced four games: Vehicular Special Forces, Hired Gun (the only non-Xbox exclusive announced there), Skylar and Bionic Wars. Also in E3 2018, Singularity Games announced a partnership with DeNA, a mobile games company.

There are talks of opening up a studio in Liverpool to house ex-Bizzare Creations and SCE Studio Liverpool employees, and in Abu Dhabi with the help of Abu Dhabi Media Group. However, those plans were cancelled in September 2018.

In July 2018, shortly after the merger, between the New York studio and most of Cheltenham studio, into the Redwood City studio, the Cheltenham studio's now-previous headquarters were shut down. The studio now resides in an "average-sized open office space".

On August 2018, Singularity Games established a label; Psyclapse, where they'll released remakes of classic games. They will release two games through the label, however the games are yet to be announced. Super Ultimate Squad 2 was announced to be delayed from December 20, 2019 to Q2 2020. They also announced a proposed acquisition of the Zone of the Enders IP from Konami.

On October 21, 2018, Brittany Kurosaka, who is a part owner of Qualis and Legacy Pictures, announced to invest in the company.

On January 30, 2019, ODIMG Technologies, developers of the Mars console, filed for bankruptcy. However, the company announced that it would keep Mars Dedicated Unit running until "a sure plan has been developed". In April 2019, the group was merged into a new unit called The Outcats, established for a review process of most of its employees.

In May 2019, they laid off 20,325 employees after a major review process. Jane Schwarz also stepped down as the CEO.

In July 2019, after Dreamcatcher Entertainment was bought out by Qualis and merged into Laserium Sega Experiences, Singularity Games became part of Libum Games (formerly Laserium Game Studios), with Singularity Games Cheltenham being spun off as Lava Sports Games UK.

The "Guardian Angel" story

One day at the offices, Jane Schwarz invited Peter Smith (now Peter Smith-Schwarz) to discuss about lack of work. She found out the cause of it, which was constant abuse from his family and friends, which caused him to go into depression. She decided to take him in temporarily until everything went into a better direction. Eleven months later, Schwarz and Smith got married. This story was spread around the news and it was received positively.


Redwood City

Nicknamed "Singularity Game City", the campus consists of a motion-capture studio, twenty-two rooms for composing, fourteen video editing suites, three production studios, numerous departments with their own wings, and hotel-like apartment complexes for the employees hired from abroad. There are also facilities such as fitness rooms, theatres, coffee bars, a soccer field, a garden, and several arcades, one of them is even open to the public.

The place also has a ball pit room, a restaurant and numerous other "fun rooms", for employing people outside of the video game industry. The whole campus utilizes great amounts of bioenergy, mainly solar, wind, biogas and hydrostorage power, and next to the campus, there are planted numerous trees in a maze-like patttern. The campus is targeting to use the least amount of electricity and lower their carbon footprint as much as possible.

There is an inside joke among partners and co-developers about Singularity Games being "EA but better", due to similarity in campuses and work environment.

Corporate affairs

Due to amount of employees, there are three basic rules about working at Singularity Games, inspired by such companies as Valve and X (formerly Google X):

  1. "If you want to work on a project with friends, feel free to do so" This was implemented in order to boost productivity.
  2. "If you don't first succeed, make something out of it"
  3. "Benchmark, benchmark, benchmark" Singularity Games also encourages interacting with other development teams and testing out assets before they're put in the game.

They also have some employees working remotely.

Singularity Boost

Singularity boost 2018
Singularity Boost is a crowdsourcing program, open to anyone residing outside the United States and Japan, allowing gaming enthusiasts who want to get into the games development / designing industry to submit their unique ideas to Singularity Games (the Redwood City studio, to be exact) which could then be developed into games. They allow remote working for volunteer developers and auditioners.

In addition, 25% of the proceeds, from the sales of games who pass the audition, will go to charity, usually gaming-focused charities such as Special Effect and Child's Play. The other 25% will go to the teams who develop them and the rest will be kept by the pitchers, with a chance of working with them on future projects.

For ideas in Japan, they assist PlayStation C.A.M.P. in development of the games.

Development teams

Main article: Singularity Games development teams

Singularity Game Jam

Every year, for two months, there is a game jam where people take time off development of current projects and work on minigames according to themes. In 2018, the first Game Jam was about nostalgic atmosphere, so teams had to make SNES-like games.

The contending games are published on Singularity Games' website and, for consoles, marketplaces like Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, and the winning game will be developed into a full-fledged version.


Singularity Games

Title Collaborators Released Platforms Notes
Mars Media Player
Mars Calculator & Clock
Mars Mahjong
Mars Instrument Tuning
Mars Metronome
Alpha Zone ID
Alpha Chat
Mars Movie Studio/Mars Animator
Mars TV Tuner
Mars Smarties
Mars Gym, Mars Board and Mars Pedometer
Mars Parental Controls
Project Gem (Mars Classic Game Emulator)
The Mars Project, Old Dominion Interactive Media Group First update by MDU releases on September 1, 2018 Laserium Mars
Android and iOS (for Mars Parental Controls; Mars Pedometer will be on these platforms only)
Developed by Mars Dedicated Unit. The MDU will also work on additional peripherals, Alpha Zone's programming, maintenance and online infrastructures.
Alpha Zone Friends
Alpha Zone Friend Hotspot
The Mars Project, Old Dominion Interactive Media Group, Laserium Game Studios September 22, 2018 Laserium Mars
Android and iOS (Alpha Zone Friend Hotspot on these platforms only)
Developed by Mars Dedicated Unit.
PaperQuest Impact Games December 23, 2019 iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Laserium Mars A fantasy open world RPG, a la Paper Mario franchise, developed by Lonestar Studios. Formerly four separate projects. Developed in collaboration with the recently formed Impact Games, which was founded by Chance S. and Eddie Patino. Impact Games is set to be acquired by Singularity Games before the game is released, with the deal expected to be completed May 5, 2019.
Hired Gun Legendary Digital Studios January 3, 2019 Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 (PlayStation VR), Xbox One (Microsoft HoloLens), Nintendo Switch The gameplay is a hybrid of Metal Gear Solid, Assassin's Creed, Call of Duty, Halo, Gears of War and Titanfall. Will be functional with VR headsets.

Will be distributed by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

Cosa Nostra Syncopy, Sumo Digital, Jamie Shertick Productions, Microsoft Studios, Compulsion Games, Ninja Theory February 5, 2019 Microsoft Windows, Xbox One
Moving Mountains Atlus March 3, 2019 Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 Developed by Awero Studio. An RPG focused on Erin and guardian angel (his boyfriend, formerly alive) Awero and their adventures through "gates and dimensions"
Saniru 2 Finji March 25, 2019 PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation Vita, Android, iOS Developed by SuperSpicy Studios and Mars Dedicated Unit (formerly Black Ship Studios).
Jurioku: Pokémon Edition HAL Laboratory, 1-UP Studio, Creatures Inc and The Pokemon Company April 3, 2019 Nintendo Switch Inspired by Juriouku, this project is a collect-a-thon/mystery/puzzle game.
Vehicular Special Forces Microsoft Studios April 25, 2019 Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Arcade, Nintendo Switch A racing game, mixed with action-adventure elements and open world environment. First game to successfully start through the Singularity Boost program.
Yip Sony Interactive Entertainment April 29, 2019 PlayStation 4
Bionic Wars Microsoft Studios May 2, 2019 Xbox One, Microsoft Windows

The game's plot was revealed to include mechanical combat and stealth elements, to be set in Dubai during 2080s, and was to be a cinematic science fiction-action game.

This project was revealed in E3 2018 and the PS4 version was cancelled. It's revived as a result of a merger between the former Bionic Wars project (originally set to be released on PS4 as well) and the unnamed project worked on by Laserium Game Studios in Canada (originally set to release on Laserium Mars).

Skylar Guillermo del Toro, Microsoft Studios June 7, 2019 Microsoft Windows, Xbox One The game follows Skylar Henjin, a bullied control freak who, one day, acquires supernatural and enchanced abilities and becomes the anti-hero, while the CIA hunts her down. A psychological thriller-action/science fiction game.
Super Ultimate Squad THQ Nordic September 9, 2019 iOS, Android, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch The superheroes are on a quest to save the whole city. Little they know, they accidentally break the fourth wall a lot.
Super Ultimate Squad 2 THQ Nordic Q2 2020 iOS, Android, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch The squad is back and more (awful) awesome than ever. Go and stop some aliens. Just go.
Frantic Mayhem Royale 2 Xbox Game Studios 2020 Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Project Scarlett An action game where you fight monsters, 'nuff said. Developed by Red Eagle Games.
Smash Fight Level5 Comcept, Udon Entertainment, Curve Studios TBA Xbox One, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Wii U, Wii, Nintendo Switch, NVidia Shield, Nintendo 3DS, Android, PlayStation Vita Developed by Team Smash Fight & Co, to be distributed by Devolver Digital (digital releases) and THQ Nordic (retail releases)..
Jet Set Radio 3 Sega Networks, Noda Games, Demiurge Studios, THQ Nordic TBA TBA
Super Gun Blast 4 THQ Nordic TBA TBA Originally developed by the revived Red Eagle Games under its new parent company Nordic Games GmbH.

Singularity Boost

Game Jam


  • Timejumpers (Microsoft Windows) - Two junior scientists create a time machine, and few months later, they are testing it in front of the public. However, chaos will ensue and everyone's lives will be in danger.
  • Jurioku (Android) - Gravity-based adventure, with ability to scratch to change object's visibility. The project was going to be developed for PS Vita, but failed.
  • Quest to Something (Microsoft Windows) - You are on a quest to rescue the princess, but you need a lot of loot. A lot. Like you need a big inventory.
  • The Slaughter Factory (Microsoft Windows) - A short horror game based around a remote island, with an abandoned factory. There are a lot of secrets about that factory and the island and you need to find out all of them.
  • Incognito (Xbox One) - A spy adventure game where the player works for a secret agency. Your mission is to spy on people, but you might not know if people are spying on you as well.
  • ALTRNTIVE, a "32-bitish" platformer demo which features time machine elements (like cloning), gravity switching, "portals similiar to those from Portal" and many other experiments.
  • SUPROCTO, a open world action game specializing on "2-player, 3-player and even 4-player" action, where you use various items to fight the "zombie robot octopus of hell".
  • MNDCNTRL, a demo which specialized on "alternative physics", gesture recognition, special effects and other experiments.

Virtual Arcade Men games

  • Quest to Everything: A Collect-a-thon Game (1991) - Complete opposite of the game. Just collect everything, screw the princess.
  • Old Ultra Human Platformer 16 (1996) - Have you ever thought what platformers would look like in the paralell universe?
  • Just Another Day in the Good Old Alternative Universe (2000)
  • Destroyer (1986)
  • Destroyer 3D (1997) - The "third" installment in the Destroyer series.


Title Collaborators Platforms Notes
Untitled Medal of Honor installment Electronic Arts TBA
Unannounced Psyclapse title TBA TBA
Untitled Project SEGA TBA

Intellectual properties


  • Super Gun Blast franchise
  • Smash Fight franchise
  • Saniru franchise
  • The Time-Travelling Cat franchise
  • Jamie Shertick Productions IPs


  • Frantic Mayhem Royale franchise used to be owned by Crytek and the first game was made by Free Radical Design, now Crytek UK) and was acquired from Crytek around 4 years after Crytek UK was closed.

Easter eggs

Like Kojima Productions for example, Singularity Games also does publicity stunts, easter eggs and more, regarding their games, staff and even their games' characters.

  • While announcing Moving Mountains in E3 2018, Singularity Games developers wore T-shirts that read "0011 0011", which is number three in binary. This was later confirmed as a nod to the fact that Half-Life 3 wasn't released. It was also a homage to the Illuminati conspiracy theories on the Internet. Coincidentally, the release date for Moving Mountains was announced to be 3th of March, 2019.
  • There are numerous easter eggs related to Virtual Arcade Men team. For example, in the title screen of Destroyer, there's a copyright notice "© V A ? ?????? MCMLXXXVI" (which translates to "© VAM Russia MCMLXXXVI (1986)"), meaning "it was made in Russia in 1986", when it was actually made by Singularity Games Redwood City in 2018. The references are made in every game and the year when the minigame was "made" was said to be always from around 10 years to 35 years older than the actual game.
  • In the VAM game Quest to Everything 2, the Singularity Games staff can be seen in many buildings and dungeons.

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