Real History

The lore was started after Six Flags' buying of the Paramount parks, the thing is, was that they were going bankrupt, so they couldn't afford a new attraction, so for 2006's new "experience" for the parks, several signs were added.

Fictional History

The Beast "E.D.W." was born in 1977 as the second-least tame of the beasts.

The Beast "K.I." was born in 1979 as the biggest and least tame of the beasts.

The Beastie "K.I." was The Beast's first son, born in 1980, The Beast "K.I." conceived him only three months in his own existence.

The Bush Beast was born in 1985 as the most ferocious of the beasts.

The Beastie "Sydney" is The Bush Beast's son. It now studies with Highwire as Son of Highwire.

Son of Beast was born in 2000 as the second son of The Beast. It was defeated in the early 2010s.

Son of Beast The Second is a reincarnation of Son of Beast that is the son of The Beastie "K.I."

NXT Bush Beast is the son of The Beastie "Sydney", and the grandson of The Bush Beast.


Outside The Beast at SFKI, you can see The Beast "K.I."'s cave with The Beast's eyes glowing inside the dark cave and its claws. The claws are actually controlled by a hydraulic inside, and during noon, it's possible to see the mechanisms. The animatronic claws were built by Fuse Special Effects France S.A. under the design of Jean-Sébastien Grammatikopoulos. In the queue, an old CRT TV plays the Beast 1979 ad, snippets of The Beast and Son of Beast's POVs and The Beast: 25 Years Of Terror (a modified version known as The Beast: Behind The Lore) on a continuous loop, then once you board the ride, the lift's audio plays warped voice clips of old Looney Tunes cartoons. in the first tunnel, strobe effects play, and later, during the second lift, the announcer from the TV commercial (imitated by Corey Burton) says "You probably rode this a million times, but you are gonna get eaten alive this time!".

Outside The Beastie at SFKI, you can see The Beastie "K.I."'s cave with a sign that says "Junior" on it and The Beastie's claws and head sticking out of the cave. The animatronic head and claws were also built by Fuse, among the design team included Aaron Fechter and Stefán Leif Viðarsson.

Outside The Bush Beast at SFS, you can see The Bush Beast's "pit" and several large chains. The queue line is similar to that of The Beast "K.I.", but with a different announcer (voiced by Eric Harrison).

Every park has a "Beast Map" which includes full backstories, QR codes that link to the original commercials, and rare full color images (or colorized by park staff if the color picture is lost/non-existent). Originally, the full backstories were to be replaced with a QR code that links to the website's full backstory, but due to backlash (and some of the Beasts banning phones from queue lines, making it boring in the queues unless you, as a Six Flags PR member stated "enjoyed looking at claws go off every few minutes and reading vandalism scratched on the wood", the change was reverted.


  • The Beast (1977) [SFEDW]
  • The Beast (1979) [SFKI]
    • Son of Beast (2000) [SFKI]
    • The Beastie (1980) [SFKI]
      • Son Of Beast The Second (2014) [SFKI]
  • The Bush Beast (1985) [SFS]
    • The Beastie (1985) [SFS]
      • NXT Bush Beast (2013) [SFS]
  • The Beast (1987) [SFEW]


  • After Coca-Cola became the official drink of the Paramount bought out parks, The Beast family always poke fun at it in their descriptions saying stuff like "Coca-Cola Machines In Front Of My "House"?!? Urbanization." "I'm more powerful than a sponsorship." this originally angered Coca-Cola when they found out, but they were fine with it later on.
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