Six Flags is a theme park company. Headquartered in Arlington, TX, US.


During Chapter 11, a trade deal was made with Carwardine Parks to help finish Six Flags' acquisition of the Paramount Parks (Canada's Wonderland, Carowinds, Great America, Kings Dominion, Kings Island, Gilroy Gardens, and Terra Mítica) by trading Great Escape and Darien Lake to Carwardine, Cedar Fair was originally going to buy the Paramount Parks, but went into Chapter 11 Bankruptcy as well.

They currently have 28 main parks, 3 parks under the Three Flags subcomapny headquartered in El Paso, TX, US, 8 parks under the Four Flags subcompany headquartered in San Antonio, TX, US, and 6 parks under the Five Flags subcompany headquartered in Las Colinas, TX, US. Six Flags also operates 12 parks and 4 waterparks they've leased from other companies or groups, operating 6 under the Six Flags name, 4 under the Six Flags Hurricane Harbor name, and the rest with "A Six Flags Theme Park" bylines.

In 2011, it was listed as the highest employment in a theme park chain.

The chain of parks each celebrated the 50th anniversary in 2011 with a gold painted train on one attraction per park, as well as other celebrations. While most of these trains have since been repainted, quite a few remain today.


  • AT&T/TimeWarner/WarnerMedia/Warner Bros./Looney Tunes/DC Comics (1984-present)
  • MGM/Hanna Barbera/Turner (1996-present)
  • Mr. Six (2004-present) [Their own "license"]


  1. Six Flags America (Woodmore/Upper Marloboro, Maryland, US)
  2. Six Flags Bahamas (Six Flags Cay, BH)
  3. Six Flags Canada's Wonderland (Vaughn, ON, CA)
  4. Six Flags Carowinds (Charlotte, NC, US)
  5. Six Flags Columbia Gardens (Butte, Montana, US)
  6. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (Vallejo, CA, US)
  7. Six Flags El Kadsre (El Kadsre City, EK)
  8. Six Flags Eirabourne Discovery World (Eirabourne, EK)
  9. Six Flags Eruowood (Eruowood City, ER)
  10. Six Flags Eruowood's Wonderland (West Eruowood, ER)
  11. Six Flags Fiesta Georgia (Savannah, GA, US)
  12. Six Flags Fiesta Texas (San Antonio, TX, US)
  13. Six Flags Great Adventure (Jackson, NJ, US)
  14. Six Flags Great America East (Gurnee, IL, US)
  15. Six Flags Great America West (Santa Clara, CA, US)
  16. Six Flags Great Kadsre (Glonisla, EK)
  17. Six Flags Kings Dominion (Doswell, VA, US)
  18. Six Flags Kings Island (Mason, OH, US)
  19. Six Flags Magic Mountain (Valencia, CA, US)
  20. Six Flags Mexico (Mexico City, MX)
  21. Six Flags Nebraska (Springfield, NE, US)
  22. Six Flags New England (Agwam, MA, US)
  23. Six Flags Over Georgia (Austell, GA, US)
  24. Six Flags Over Texas (Arlington, TX, US)
  25. Six Flags Over Philadelphia (Philadelphia, PA, US)
  26. Six Flags St. Louis (Eureka, MS, US)
  27. Six Flags Taiwan (Tainan, TW)
  28. Six Flags Winnipeg (Winnipeg, MT, CA)

Five Flags

Five Flags LLC is dedicated to operating Elitch Gardens and a few of the international Six Flags parks.

  1. Elitch Gardens (Denver, CO)
  2. Six Flags Eruowoodian Adventure (East Eruowood, ER)
  3. Six Flags Heights (East Kuboia, KUB)
  4. Six Flags Tokyo (Saitama, JP)
  5. Six Flags Britain (Derbyshire, UK)
  6. Terra Mítica (Benidorm, SPA)

Five Flags Changes

  • Chop Six has two extra flags on the logo due to business separations.
  • Some branding elements use a Six Flags icon with one less flag.

Four Flags

A division dedicated to parks that do not use Six Flags branding at all (barring Airy Village, Indiana Beach and Gilroy Gardens which use the "A Six Flags Theme Park" byline). This company also owns the popular Warner Bros. World parks and MGM World park.

  1. Airy Village (Branson, MO, US)
  2. Gilroy Gardens (Gilroy, CA, US)
  3. Indiana Beach (Monticello, IN, US)
  4. Jim Henson's MuppetWorld (New York City, NY, US) (properties licensed from The Jim Henson Company and The Muppets Studio)
  5. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer World (San Diego, CA, US)
  6. Warner Bros. World FL (Tampa, FL, US)
  7. Warner Bros. World LA (Burbank, Los Angeles, CA, US)
  8. Warner Bros. World SF (San Francisco, CA, US)

Three Flags

A division dedicated to operating parks in heavy tourist destinations, currently, they own only three parks.

  1. Six Flags Kings Backyard (Sacramento, CA, US)
  2. Six Flags Dubailand (Dubai, UA)
  3. Six Flags World (Orlando, FL, US)

Operated by Six Flags

These parks are leased & operated by Six Flags.

  1. Clementon Park (Clementon, NJ, US) (leased from EPR Properties)
  2. Fantasy Island (Grand Island, NY, US) (leased from EPR Properties, operated by Four Flags)
  3. Frontier City (Oklahoma City, OK, US) (leased from EPR Properties, operated by Four Flags)
  4. La Ronde (Montreal, QC, CA) (leased from City of Montreal, operated by Four Flags)
  5. Myrtle Beach Pavilion (Myrtle Beach, SC, US) (leased from Alemann Sports & Entertainment and EPR Properties, operated by Three Flags)
  6. JBS-Six Flags Park Seoul (Seoul, KR) (leased from Seoul Metropolitan Government; operated by Three Flags, co-operated with JBS TV Holdings Ltd.)
  7. Santa's Village (Montpelier, VT, US) (leased from EPR Properties, operated by Four Flags)
  8. Six Flags Auckland (Auckland, NZ) (leased from New Zealand's Funworld Ltd.)
  9. Six Flags Capulco (Capulco, EK) (leased from the City of Capulco Parks Commission, operated by Five Flags)
  10. Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Lakeville (Lakeville, MA, US) (leased from Town of Lakeville, operated as part of the Lakeville Grand Inn property)
  11. Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Mobile (Mobile, AL) (leased from EPR Properties, formerly Mobile Wet & Waves)
  12. Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Montreal (Montreal, QC, CA) (leased from GM Supermalls)
  13. Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Rockford (Rockford, IL, US) (leased from Rockford Park District)
  14. Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Splashaway Bay (Grand Island, NY, US) (leased from EPR Properties, operated by Four Flags)
  15. Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Splash World (Clementon, NJ, US) (leased from EPR Properties)
  16. Six Flags Milwaukeetown (Milwaukee, WI, US) (leased from EPR Properties, operated by Five Flags)
  17. Six Flags Ozarks (Arkadelphia, AR, US) (leased from EPR Properties, operated by Five Flags)
  18. Six Flags Prairie Place (Norwalk, IA, US) (leased from EPR Properties, operated by Five Flags)
  19. Six Flags Sydney (Sydney, NSW, AU) (leased from Sunway Group, operated by Five Flags)
  20. Six Flags Westerly Pier (Westerly, RI, US) (leased from EPR Properties, operated by Four Flags, only branded park operated by Four Flags)


  • Six Flags has been known to occasionally hold Rick Henson List Young Hensonists' League rallies at their El Kadsreian parks.
  • Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Lakeville is the only Six Flags Hurricane Harbor to be almost entirely indoors (Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Montreal is half-indoors and half-outdoors). It was previously a CoCo Key Water Resort under the previous management.
  • Six Flags only has 4 Hurricane Harbors without an adjacent theme park
  • Six Flags Westerly Pier, Six Flags Fiesta Georgia, Six Flags Sydney and Terra Mítica are the only parks to serve Pepsi products instead of Coke products due to their original licenses, although Fiesta Texas did serve Pepsi for a while until they were switched with Coke in 2000 due to Pepsi getting a better deal with Schlitterbahn for the Texan parks.
  • Six Flags has the most operated parks, the most owned parks however belongs to Carwardine Parks.
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