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  • Gotham City Action Zone
  • Medieval Faire
  • Mount Looney Tunes
  • Wonder Mountain


Roller coasters

  • Batman: The Ride (formerly known as "Top Gun", a Vekoma SLC, one the trains painted gold in 2011 to celebrate the chain's 50th anniversary) [Gotham City]
  • Deja Vu (1987; formerly known as "The Bat" [1987-2007]) [Medieval Faire]
  • Dragon Fyre (1981; An Arrow looping coaster) [Medieval Faire]
  • Goliath (2008; a B&M Hyper coaster) [Action Zone]
  • Hollywood Action Blast Coaster (2005; formerly known as "Italian Job: Stunt Track" [2005-2007]) [Action Zone]
  • Mighty Canadian Mine Buster (1981; a PTC Wooden Coaster) [ActionZone]
  • Roadrunner Express (1981; Formerly "Scooby's Ghoster Coaster") [Mount Looney Tunes]
  • Titan (2012; a B&M Giga coaster) [Medieval Faire]
  • Vortex (1991; An Arrow suspended swing coaster) [Wonder Mountain]
  • Wilde Beast [Medieval Faire]

Flat rides

  • Dungeon Drop (1997; An Intamin Giant Drop ride, formerly known as "Drop Zone: Stunt Tower" [1997-2006]) [Medieval Faire]
  • Knighty Knight Bugs (2008; A Sally Corporation interactive dark ride themed to the Looney Tunes short of the same name) [Medieval Faire]
  • Nightmares (1981; A Huss UFO ride) [Medieval Faire]
  • Wonderland Sky Screamer (2013; A 200-foot tall Funtime Star Flyer ride)

Kiddie rides

  • Daffy Duck's Bucket Blasters (2015; a Zamperela Midi Water Shooting Tea Cups ride)

Hurricane Harbor SplashWorks

Formerly Splash Works.

  • Typhoon Twister (2002; ProSlide CannonBowl slide, formerly "Barracuda Blaster" and "Riptide")


  • This park is often used as the testing grounds for Six Flags' Canadian parks.
  • Knighty Knight Bugs is the only Looney Tunes themed ride not in Mount Looney Tunes.