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Six Flags Capulco is an amusement park located in Capulco, El Kadsre. As of 2021, the park is currently managed by Michael Hamasaki.


The park opened in 1981 as "Capulco Adventureland" under the ownership of United Artists. In 1992 United Artists sold Capulco Adventureland to Funtime Parks, Inc. Then in 1995, Six Flags bought the and renamed it "Six Flags Capulco".


Several famous people have visited the park, including

  • Ryouichi Matsushita Jr. (visited in 1983)
  • Isamu Matsushita (visited in 1983 & in 2001)
  • Andy Wilson (visited in 1994 & 2014)
  • David Vlokozu (visited in 2000)
  • Alan Rabbin (performed multiple times at the park)


  • Looney Tunes Adventures (formerly known as "Adventureland for Kids" from 1981 to 1998)

Current rides

Roller coasters

Name Year Opened Description
Batman's Batarang 1999 A Vekoma Boomerang roller coaster model.
Mayan Minebender 1981 An Arrow Dynamics mine train roller coaster.
Mind Eraser 1997 A Vekoma suspended looping roller coaster.
Samurai Summit 1985 An Arrow swinging suspended roller coaster that goes around a man made mountain. Formerly known as "Mountie" (1985-1994).
Superman: Ride of Steel 1981 A Schwarzkopf "Silverarrow" looping roller coaster model. Formerly known as "Silver Arrow" (1981-1998).
Wile E. Coyote Coaster 1981 A Zierer small Tivoli coaster model. Formerly known as "Ladybug" (1981-1998). Located in the Looney Tunes Adventures section. Some theming was destroyed by Cyclone Mandy in 2009.

Flat rides


Name Year Opened Description
Joker, Inc. 2001 A Zamperla Hawk 48 ride.
Pirate 1981 A Huss Pirate ship ride.
Spinsanity 1981 A Schwarzkopf Enterprise ride. Formerly known as "Wheelie" (1981-2015)


Name Year Opened Description
The Flash Speed Force 1981 A Mack Music Express ride. Formerly known as "Music Express" (1981-1998).


Name Year Opened Description
4x4 Trucks 1981 A guided track kiddie car ride with monster trucks. Located in the Looney Tunes Adventures section.
Bug Bunny Buccaneer 1999 A Sartori kiddie pirate ship ride. Located in the Looney Tunes Adventures section.
Pepe Le Pew's Rafts of Romance 1992 A Zamperla Samba Balloon ride. Formerly known as "Balloon Race" (1992-1998). Located in the Looney Tunes Adventures section.