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Six Flags Copenhagen is a theme park in Copenhagen, Sjælland, Denmark that opened in 1996. It is the first Six Flags Park to open in Denmark, the second being Hurricane Harbor DK, which opened in 2015 as a sister location to the park. It is also the very first Six Flags park to open in Europe. Since 2000, the park is considered to be a popular theme park amongst European theme park enthusiasts, and is also considered one of Europe's popular tourist destinations..


The park began construction in 1994 after a deal was made between Time Warner and Danish amusement park corporation, Kizaroo Parks Denmark to open the very first Six Flags theme park in Europe, the second being Six Flags Holland in the Netherlands, now known as Walibi Holland. Unlike Six Flags Holland, which was purchased by Compagnie des Alpes in 2004, Six Flags managed to retain the property during their financial problems, with Kizaroo providing funding for the park.

In 1998, the Danish River Rapids ride was added.

In 2000, the park opened three new rollercoasters, Cartoons Presents; The Toonie Train, a Vekoma mine train themed to Danish rockabilly group, Cartoons, Looper, a relocated Schwarzkopf shuttle loop model from the American fair circuit, and Zoomerang, a Vekoma Boomerang model. These coasters would achieve wide praise for its theming, most notably the mine train. Near the end of the season, however, an accident occurred at Looper's station where a fire inadvertently broke out and nearly burned the coaster down. The fires were stopped, but unfortunately, the repairs on the ride were too expensive and the ride was removed from the park the following season. The original trains were reused on Carwardine Colony's Flash Forward until said Shuttle Loop got new trains itself. Since 2003, its former location is now the location for Impuls, an Intamin Impulse model.

In 2004, Six Flags had lost its license to the Cartoons brand in 2004, and the mine train, Cartoons Presents: The Toonie Train, lost its theming and was renamed the Wile E. Coyote Mine Train. The following year, Kinderland was rethemed to Nationalpark Bugs Bunny, with the rides and attractions being rethemed to Looney Tunes attractions. The same year, Zoomerang was relocated to the Danish fair circuit and was renamed "Dimension". The same year as Kinderland's retheming, the 4D cinema opened with Ice Age 4D, a 4D movie based off of the Ice Age franchise.

In 2013, the park opened Enigma, a Bolliger & Mabillard giga coaster using floorless trains, making it the only Giga coaster by B&M to feature such trains. The coaster received wide praise from European park-goers and claimed it to be Europe's greatest Giga ever built.

Between 2018 and 2020, additions were really sparse, and when they were there, they were not quite big, until 2020, when they introduced a "Deadly Duo" of coasters. DarkΩmega and Kaskade.

DarkΩmega is a Rocky Mountain Construction I-Box track conversion of Ωmega, an RCCA wooden coaster that closed in 2019 due to negative reactions by park-goers for its roughness. The re-done coaster features a Zero-G roll, an overbanked curve, and a vertical loop in place of an airtime hill from the old coaster, making it the first hybrid coaster by RMC to feature a vertical loop.

Kaskade is a prototype reimagining of Vekoma's old Boomerang model purchased from Vekoma's testing facility in 2020. Unlike the original Boomerang, the coaster is powered through LSM launches that lead to two beyond vertical spikes, the coaster has a small pretzel knot, making it the first sit-down coaster to feature such an inversion since Moonsault Scramble at Fuji-Q Highland in Japan, and a heartline roll. The track is Vekoma's own design instead of their old Arrow-like track. Three non-prototype versions with some minor changes are planned to be installed at 3 different Six Flags parks in 2021, Six Flags Carowinds, Six Flags Bahamas and Six Flags Tokyo. Both of the two coasters' pre-opening shows featured performances by artists such as Lou Bega, Take That, Chic, and Sydney Youngblood.

The park is currently owned by Kizaroo, while being operated by Six Flags.


  • Crazy World (2000-present)
  • N-R-G Thrills [formally Ekstrem Mani (Eng: Extreme Mania 1996-2000); 1996-present]
  • DC Universe (2000-present)
  • Nationalpark Bugs Bunny [formally Kinderland (1996-2005); 1996-present]

Rides & attractions

Roller coasters


  • Batman: The Ride (1999; a B&M "Batman" inverted coaster model; located in the DC Universe section)
  • Magma (1996; a CCI wooden coaster; located at the N-R-G Thrills section)
  • Enigma (2013; a B&M Giga coaster with floorless trains; located at the N-R-G Thrills section)
  • Superman Ultimate Flight (2018; a Premier Rides Sky Rocket II model; located at the DC Universe section)
  • Stålregn (Eng: Steel Rain; 2017; an RMC Topper Track coaster; located at the N-R-G Thrills section)
  • Wile E. Coyote Mine Train [formerly "Cartoons Presents: The Toonie Train" (2000-2004); 2000; A Vekoma mine train coaster model; located at the Nationalpark Bugs Bunny section]
  • Impuls (Eng: Impulse; 2003; an Intamin Impulse model; located at the N-R-G Thrills section)
  • DarkΩmega (2020; an RMC hybrid conversion of Ωmega; located at the N-R-G Thrills section)
  • Kaskade (2020; a Vekoma prototype reinvented Boomerang; located in the DC Universe section)
  • Vilde Mus (Eng: Wild Mouse; 2004; a Zamperla wild mouse model; located at the Crazy World section)


  • Ωmega (1998-2019; Roller Coaster Corporation of America wooden coaster; converted into RMC hybrid, DarkΩmega; located at the N-R-G Thrills section)
  • Looper (2000; relocated Schwarzkopf launched loop model from the American fair circuit; closed after an accident at the station, only lasted one season before being replaced with Impuls; located at the N-R-G Thrills section)
  • Zoomerang (2000-2004; Vekoma Boomerang model; relocated to the Danish fair circuit, replaced with a section of Nationalpark Bugs Bunny; located at the Crazy World section)

Flat rides


  • Dropenhagen (2000; an Intamin Drop Tower; located at the N-R-G Thrills section)
  • Riddler's Spin (2000; Eli Bridge Company Scrambler; located in the DC Universe section)
  • 2X Skud (Eng: 2X Shot; 2005; S&S - Sansei Double Shot consisting of three towers; located at the N-R-G Thrills section)
  • Big Whoa! (2005; Larson International Tilt-A-Whirl; located at the Crazy World section)
  • Super Gynge (Eng: Super Swing; 2015; S&S - Sansei Screamin' Swing; located at the N-R-G Thrills section)


  • Mr. Freeze's Ice Cold Spin (2000-2019; A Huss Enterprise, replaced with Kaskade; located in the DC Universe section)
  • Ring af Lid (Eng: Ring of Fire; 1996-2015; Larson International Fire Ball; replaced with Super Gynge; located in the N-R-G Thrills section, first ever Fire Ball at a Six Flags park, predating the second one by around 20 years)

Kiddie rides

  • Yosemite Sam Bugserbådssnurr (Eng: Yosemite Sam Tugboat Spin; 2000; Zamperla Rockin' Tug; located at Nationalpark Bugs Bunny)

Water rides

  • Gammelloggere (Eng: Old Loggers; 1996; Hopkins Log Flume; located at the Crazy World section)
  • Danish River Rapids (1998; Intamin River Rapids; located at the Crazy World section)