Six Flags El Kadsre is an amusement park located in El Kadsre City, El Kadsre. It has been part of the Leisure World EKC complex since 1990.


The park first opened in 1981 as "Star Zone Park" as a sister park to Star City by Star Amusement Group . In 1996 Premier Parks bought the park and in 1999, Six Flags bought the park and renamed it "Six Flags El Kadsre".

In 2002, War on Lines II was done as a sequel to Great Adventure's War on Lines to make it more of a Six Flags park.



  • Main Street
  • County Fair
  • Kidzopolis (formerly known as "Adventure Land for Kids (1981-2010))
  • Looney Tunes Seaport (formerly known as "Popeye's Seaport" (1996-1998))
  • DC Universe
  • Hurricane Harbor


Roller coasters

Name Year Opened Description Section
Batman: The Ride 1987 A TOGO stand up roller coaster. Formerly known as "Shockwave" (1987-2012). Retracked by S&S Sansei in 2003, giving the ride an overall smoother experience. DC Universe
Goliath 2002 A B&M giga coaster. One of the three coasters installed for the War on Lines II, a sequel to the War on Lines at Six Flags Great Adventure. Nicknamed Project Corona (Project Crown) during development. Once the tallest coaster at 320ft with a 325ft drop. County Fair
Goliath Jr. 1981 An Intamin kiddie coaster. Formerly known as "Kiddie Koaster" (1980-2001). Kidzopolis
Jekyllhyde 1981 An Arrow Dynamics looping roller coaster. County Fair
Mind Eraser 1996 A Vekoma SLC roller coaster. County Fair
Pandemonium 2008 A Gerstlauer 380/4 spinning roller coaster model. Formerly known as "Tony Hawk's Big Spin" (2008-2010) County Fair
Roadrunner Express 1999 A Zamperla kiddie coaster themed around the Roadrunner and Wile E. Coyote. Looney Tunes Seaport
Roar 2002 A GCI Wooden coaster. One of the three coasters installed for the War on Lines II, a sequel to the War on Lines at Six Flags Great Adventure. Nicknamed Project Classica (Project Classic) during development. County Fair
Serpent 1981 A PTC family wooden coaster. County Fair
Superman: Ride of Steel 2013 A Premier Rides mirrored Sky Rocket II roller coaster. DC Universe

Flat rides

Name Year Opened Description Section
Bizarro 2016 A Larson Super Loop ride. DC Universe
Cyborg 1981 A Mack Calypso ride that was originally outdoors. In 2013, it became placed in a building with special lighting effects. Formerly known as "Calypso" (1981-2012). DC Universe
Double Carousel 1981 A double decker carousel. County Fair
The Flash 1981 A Mack Sleigh Ride. Formerly known as "Sleigh Ride" (1981-2012). DC Universe
Gotham City Crime Wave 1981 A Wave Swinger ride. Formerly known as "Round Up" (1981-2012). DC Universe
Great Wheel 1981 A 191 foot tall Vekoma Ferris wheel. County Fair
Pandemonium 2018 A Zamperla Giant Discovery ride. County Fair
Sea Storm 1981 A Mack Sea Storm ride. County Fair
Twister 2001 A Huss Top Spin ride. County Fair
Vertical Velocity 2004 An S&S triple Combo Tower. County Fair
Vol Ultimate: The Ultimate Flight 1996 An extra charge Skycoaster ride. Formerly known as "Skycoaster" (1996-2012). County Fair

Kiddie rides

Name Year Opened Description Section
4x4 Mini Monster Trucks 1993 A Zamperla Convoy ride. Kidzopolis
Bugs Bunny Carrot Cans 1996 A Zamperla Mini Teacups ride originally themed around cans of spinach. Formerly known as "Spinach Spinnaker" (1996-1998). Looney Tunes Seaport
Funway Cars 2007 A guided track ride. Kidzopolis
Jr. Racers 1981 A Hampton Rides umbrella kiddie ride with formula 1 race cars. Kidzopolis
Porky's Pirates 1996 A Zamperla Mini Jet ride themed to log rafts. Formerly known as "Sea Hag Island" (1996-1998). Looney Tunes Seaport
Red Baron Jets 2007 A Zamperla Aero Top Jet ride. Kidzopolis
Roundabout 1981 A Hampton Rides umbrella kiddie ride with dune buggies and antique cars. Kidzopolis
Sky Fighters 1981 A kiddie ride with rocket ships that children control elevation. Kidzopolis
Spinning Apples 2007 A Zamperla Samba Tower ride themed to an apple tree. Kidzopolis
Taz Twister 2000 A Zamperla Loli Swing ride themed to Taz. Looney Tunes Seaport

Former rides

Name Year Opened Year Closed Description
Wildcat 1981 2007 A Schwarzkopf Wildcat roller coaster. Replaced with Tony Hawk's Big Spin.
Deja Vu 2002 2012 A Vekoma Giant Inverted Boomerang roller coaster. Replaced with Superman: Ride of Steel. One of the three coasters installed for the War on Lines II. Nicknamed Project Malata (Project Sick) during development.
Mega Drop 1984 2017 An Intiman first generation drop ride. Replaced with Pandemonium.
Children's Swings 1981 1999 A kiddie wave swinger ride. Replaced with Taz Twister.
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