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Roller coasters

  • Flashback (2003; An Intamin impulse roller coaster, formerly known as "Face/Off" [2003-2006])
  • Goliath (2004; A Premier Rides LIM launched roller coaster, formerly known as "Tomb Raider: The Ride" [2004-2006])
  • Roadrunner Express (1984; A PTC Junior Wooden Coaster, formerly known as "Scooby's Gasping Ghoster Coaster" [1984-2006])
  • Vortex (1990; An Intamin stand up roller coaster)

Flat rides

  • Porky's Adventure Thru The Funky Forest (1984; A boat ride formerly known as Smurf Hill [1984-1992] and Enchanted Voyage Thru Hanna-Barbera [1993-2006])
  • Titan Tower (2004; An Intamin Gyro Drop ride, formerly known as "Drop Zone: Stunt Tower" [2004-2006])

Kiddie rides

Water rides

  • Yosemite Sam's Wild Water Flume (1984; A log flume formerly known as Smurf Mountain [1984-1992] and The Flintstones Bedrock River Ride [1993-2006])


  • The park was originally going to receive a Volcano: The Blast Coaster clone in the place of Enchanted Voyage and Bedrock River Ride, with the ride even arriving on site, but plans were cancelled, and the coaster was sent off to Six Flags Kings Wonderland (then Paramount's Kings Wonderland) as Top Gun.