Six Flags Kings Island is a 364-acre (147 ha) amusement park located 24 miles (39 km) northeast of Cincinnati in Mason, Ohio.


Changes from Paramount to Six Flags

  • June 30, 2006 - Six Flags bought out the park and added a temporary sign at the entrance building
  • July 1, 2006 - Six Flags adds a permanent entrance sign next to the fountains
  • July 3, 2006 - All Paramount music changed
  • July 30, 2006 - Permanent entrance building sign added
  • August 13, 2006 - A temporary Bugs Bunny Meet & Greet added



Ride Manufacturer Type or model Description Location
Runaway Mine Train Arrow Dynamics Mine train roller coaster Jungle adventure themed roller coaster that originally featured audio and visual special effects, now it doesn't feature them. Originally known as Adventure Express. Oktoberfest
Batman Penguin Chase Premier Rides Launched roller coaster Formerly Based on a chase sequence in the 2003 film The Italian Job featuring audio and visual effects, including gunfire and flames
Formerly known as The Italian Job: Stunt Track (2005–2007)
DC Action Zone (via a passageway)
S.F. Bandstand N/A Live show venue Entertainment venue located between the Eiffel Tower and Royal Fountain International Street
Banshee Bolliger & Mabillard Inverted Coaster First installation of the Banshee clone coaster series. The track winds around Son of Beast the Second and Batman: The Ride. Oktoberfest (via a passageway)
Batman: The Ride Bolliger & Mabillard Inverted Coaster A B&M Batman Clone, built in an unused spot between Son Of Beast The Second and Superman Swinging Coaster DC Action Zone
Son Of Beast The Second Rocky Mountain Construction I-Box wood-steel hybrid coaster Rebuilt from the RCCA-built Son of Beast (2000-09), in Six Flags Beast lore, it's a reincarnation of Son Of Beast that is the son of Beastie. Opened 3 years after work began in 2013. Oktoberfest (via a passageway)
Superman Ultimate Flight Arrow Dynamics Suspended swing coaster A suspended swing roller coaster originally themed to the film Top Gun in 1993.
Formerly known as: Top Gun (1993–2007)
Oktoberfest (via a passageway)
The Beast Kings Island Wooden roller coaster A custom wooden coaster built and designed internally by Kings Island which still holds the world record for length according to Guinness World Records Rivertown
Justice League: Battle For Metropolis Sally Corporation Interactive dark ride Family dark ride where guests can interact by shooting laser guns at targets throughout the ride, one of the only DC rided not in DC Action Zone, but an underground passageway was planned.
Formerly known as: Enchanted Voyage (1972–1983); The Smurfs' Enchanted Voyage (1984–1991); Phantom Theater (1992–2002); Scooby-Doo and the Haunted Castle (2003–2009)
International Street
Merrie Melodies Carousel Chance Rides Carousel Children's carousel featuring Looney Tunes characters and themes Bugs Bunny World
'Taz Twister Zamperla Swing ride Children's miniature swing ride Bugs Bunny World
Splashwater Falls Intamin Shoot-the-Chutes A Hopkins water flume ride with

boats and a drop
Formerly known as Amazon Falls (1988–1998) and Congo Falls (1999-2007)

Oktoberfest (via a passageway)
Pandemonium Huss Rides Giant Frisbee A Frisbee] flat ride that swings riders

at an angle of 120°, lifting riders into the air

Oktoberfest (via a passageway)
Goliath Bolliger & Mabillard Hypercoaster Clone of Goliath at Six Flags Over Georgia. Rivertown
Dodgem Barbezi (Azzurra) & Majestic International Bumper cars Coney Mall
Superman: Tower of Power Intamin Gyro Drop A

drop tower ride that opened as the tallest of its kind in the world
Formerly known as Drop Zone: Stunt Tower (1999–2007).

DC Action Zone
Eiffel Tower Intamin Tower A recreation of the Eiffel Tower. International Street
Festhaus N/A Live show venue Oktoberfest
Poltergeist Premier Rides Launched roller coaster Formerly known as The Outer Limits: Flight of Fear (1996–2000) Coney Mall
Roadrunner Express Vekoma Suspended Family Coaster Formerly known as "Rugrats Runaway Reptar" (2001-2006) Planet Snoopy
Grand Carousel Philadelphia Toboggan Company Carousel International Street
The Great Chase E&F Miler Industries Children's roller coaster Planet Snoopy
Two-Face: The Flip Side Vekoma Invertigo An inverted Boomerang roller coaster featuring three inversions
Formerly known as FACE/OFF (1999–2007)
DC Action Zone
Dodgem School Jurgen Scmidt Bumper cars Planet Snoopy
Kings Island and Miami Valley Railroad Crown Metal Products Company Steam train Rivertown
Six Flags Theater N/A Live show venue A 1,300-seat indoor theater first opened in 1976 and designed by Paul Shortt, the original founding faculty member at Cincinnati’s College Conservatory of Music.

Formerly known as: American Heritage Music Hall (1976–1992); Paramount Theater (1993-2007)

International Street
Tweety's Twee House Zamperla Frog hopper Planet Snoopy
Bugs' Bugs W.F. Mangelas Co N/A Planet Snoopy
Lola Launcher Zamperla Kite Flyer Planet Snoopy
Monster Everly Aircraft Co. Octopus Coney Mall
Poison Ivy Toxic Twister Great Coasters International Wooden roller coaster Rivertown
TUNES 500 Venture Ride Mfg., Inc. Low-speed car ride Planet Snoopy
TUNES Off-Road Rally Hampton Amusement Corporation Mini car carousel Planet Snoopy
Yosemite Falls Arrow Dynamics, Hopkins Rides Log flume Planet Snoopy
Marvin's Sea Plane Zamperla Crazy Bus Planet Snoopy
Scrambler Eil Bridge Company Twist Coney Mall
Shake, Rattle and Roll Huss Troika Coney Mall
Sling Shot

[nb 1]

Funtime Reverse bungee Oktoberfest
Foghorn's Barnyard Friends N/A Petting zoo Bugs Bunny World
Daffy’s Junction Heinrich Mack K.C Train ride Planet Snoopy
Daffy vs. Marvin Zamperla Mini Jet Planet Snoopy
The Racer Philadelphia Toboggan Company Wooden roller coaster Coney Mall
Showplace Theatre N/A Live show venue International Street
Surf Dawg Zamperla Rockin' Tug Planet Snoopy
Timberwolf N/A Amphitheatre Outdoor amphitheatre concert venue Oktoberfest
Abandon Ship Intamin Pirate ship Oktoberfest
White Water Canyon Intamin River rapids ride Rivertown
SkyScreamer Funtime Star Flyer Coney Mall
Beastie Philadelphia Toboggan Company Kiddie wooden roller coaster Formerly known as: Scooby Doo (1972–1979); The Beastie (1979–2005); Fairly Odd Coaster (2006–2010) Planet Snoopy
Gonzales Gliders Larson International Flying Scooters Planet Snoopy
Dodo Buggies Caripro Amusement Technology Tram Planet Snoopy
Xtreme Skyflyer Sky Fun Skycoaster Pay-per-ride attraction where riders free-fall dive

in a pendulum-swinging motion, reaching speeds that are high.

Oktoberfest (via a passageway)
Gotham City Crime Wave Zierer Wave Swinger Coney Mall

Hurricane Harbor

Soak City opened in 1989 as WaterWorks, 17 years after Kings Island opened. In 1997, Kings Island expanded the water park in 1997 by adding the wave pool (Surfside Bay; now known as Bonzai Bay), and a new children's water playground. The following year, the FlowRider, and Pipeline Paradise opened as Wipeout Beach. Six years later, WaterWorks was renamed to Crocodile Dundee's Boomerang Bay Waterpark. In 2007, the park was renamed to Hurricane Harbor, with new slides.


  • Low Tide (original 1989 land)
  • Mid Tide (1997 land)
  • High Tide (2005 land)
Attractions located in Soak City Waterpark
Ride Type/model Height requirement Added


Typhoon Tubes Two-person tube slides, two children body slides, and a gang slide for younger children 36" to 60" 1997 Mid Tide
Bonzai Bay Wave pool 42" unless accompanied by an adult 1997 Mid Tide
Kids Cove Small children slides and pools Under 54" unless accompanied by a child under 54" tall 1997 Mid Tide
Hook's Lagoon Family splash pad and pool 48" unless accompanied by an adult 2005 Mid Tide
Lazy River Lazy river 36" unless accompanied by an adult 1989 Low Tide
Tornado Raft water slide 48" 2005 High Tide
Bonzai Bodies Four family friendly body water slides 40" 1989 Low Tide
Bonzai Pipelines Three thrill body water slides 44" 2007 Low Tide
FlowRider FlowRider 54" 2005 High Tide
Wahoo Racer Four lane mat racer water slide 46" 2005 Low Tide
Splash Landing Interactive water playground with three water slides 38" 2005 Mid Tide
Thunder Falls 2 intertwining speed slides 42" 1989 Low Tide
Tropical Twister Intertwined water slides 45" 1989 Low Tide
Zoom Flume Family raft water slide 40" 1991 Low Tide
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