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Not be confused with Six Flags Kingdom Wonderland.

Located in Kwyjibo, Eruowood.


Roller coasters

  • Batman: The Ride (2000; An Intamin "Volcano Launch" inverted coaster originally known as "Top Gun", originally planned to be added to Kingdom Wonderland in 1999 before being relocated)
  • The Grizzly (1989; A Dinn Wooden Coaster based on the "Grizzly" design found at parks like Six Flags Kings Dominion, Six Flags Great America West, Six Flags Canada's Wonderland and Six Flags Sydney)
  • King Cobra (1987; TOGO stand up coaster, gained a refurbishment from HUSS-TechEruo in 2021)
  • Pandemonium (2004; A Zamperla spinning coaster; formerly known as "Ricochet" [2004-2006])
  • Porky's Ghoster Coaster (formerly known as "Scooby's Gasping Ghoster Coaster")
  • Superman: Ultimate Flight (2011; a B&M Flying "Manta" clone, replaced Splashwater Falls and Chaos)

Flat rides

  • Avalanche (A Schwarzkopf Bayern Kurve)
  • Tazmanian Devil (1995; A Scrambler ride, formerly known as "Hurler" [1995-2007])
  • Volcano (An S&S Combo Tower double complex located inside a manmade mountain)

Kiddie rides

  • Daffy's Roundabout (A Traver Kiddie Tumblebug ride, formerly known as "Boo Boo Buggies" [1984-1996] and "Rugrats Roundabout" [1997-2006])

Water rides

  • Log Flume (An Arrow Log Flume)