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Six Flags Schuyler Lake (formerly known as Schuyler Lake) is a theme park located in Geneva, New York with a Rochester mailing address. It is touted as being the world's largest amusement park.


Pre-Six Flags (1913-1990)

The park opened in May the 14th of 1913 as "Schuyler Lake" by the Schuyler family. The only attraction from opening day remaining is the antique carousel.

In 1920, the Bird Garden opened along with the park's first coaster. In 1923, Ye Old Mill opened. In 1924, Thunderbolt opened, which started a direction in the park to build the most intense coasters they could. In 1928, Jack Rabbit and The Whip opened to the public.

Entering the 1930s, in 1930, Pippin the Zippin opened. In 1936, Whip Jr. opened. In 1939, Noah's Ark opened.

In the 1940s, due to World War II, saw less growth than other decades, with the first attraction of the decade being 1943's Little Chariots. In 1946, Torpedo opened to the public and finally, in 1949, Steeplechase opened.

In 1950, Turtle Pond opened. In 1955, Little Lake Railroad opened. In 1957, the Carousel was repainted. In 1959, two new rides, Scrambler and Wild Mouse, opened to the public, marking the first time since 1928 that two additions were built in a single year. This would arguably start their Golden Age.

Starting off the 1960s was the addition of Rotor, which was installed in 1960, In 1961, marking the first time three years in a row with consecutive attractions, the Dolphin Discovery opened.

Schuyler Amusements, Inc.

Schuyler Amusements, Inc. (SAI) was founded in 1962. In 1978, SAI had plans to build a sister amusement park to Schuyler Lake in Corfu, New York called "Darien Lake" which opened in 1981.

With the new brand, came a new foundation for the park, changing this rather small-town feeling park into a Disneyland-style park, with themed lands, along with a proper railroad, the first time two coasters were installed within a single year - Golden Comet and Comet Jr. and 8 new flat rides, with two of them, Metro Express and Schuyler Skyway, being direct inspirations from Disney. In 1963, Lakeside Turnpike opened. In 1966, after a couple years of no new rides, Trabant was added. In 1969, after another traditional three-year-drought, three new rides were added - Calypso, The Loop and Professor Burpo's Soda Pop Factory, this would also unintentionally be the last season Jack Rabbit would operate.

In 1970, Haunted Manor and Jack Rabbit II opened to the public. In 1971, Shogun Palace opened. In 1972, The Loop closed due to safety concerns. In 1973, Bumper Cars and the Super Wheel opened. In 1974, Bayern Kurve opened while Ye Old Mill closed. In 1975, Firecracker, Wildcat and Space Chute opened, while Comet Jr. closed. In 1976, Beastie and Kiddie Bumper Cars opened, along with the Bicentennial celebration. In 1977, the "Ride Roundup" happened, adding six new rides in a single year. In 1978, Blackbeard's Ship opened. In 1979, to cap off the decade, Whirlwind opened.

In 1980, Typhoon Spinnaker opened, In 1981, Bear's Den opened, marking the end of the Golden Age that's been here since 1959 and the start of the Silver Age, mainly due to attention being focused on Darien Lake, In 1982, Lumberjack, Deer Forest, Fireball, Rainbow Worm, Robin Hood and Little Lumberjack opened, marking "Attraction Roundup", In 1983, Himalaya, Flying Dragons, Kiddie Pirate and Creature Cavern opened. In 1984, Sesame Town opened, along with Lake Monster and many new flat rides. In 1985, Sonic Boomerang opened as the first Boomerang layout coaster in the US, however, due to Vekoma's US offices working on too much projects at the time, Arrow built it instead. In 1986, Arctic Run opened to the public, expanding the Mountain area and theme even more, It also saw the debut of Viper, a TOGO standup. In 1987, Matrix opened as "New York's Most Advanced Roller Coaster". In 1988, Steel Beast opened as the World's First Hyper-Coaster, although unlike modern hyper coasters, would focus on inversions rather than airtime, the ride would be placed in the front of the park, requiring the removal of two other coasters.

Six Flags Era (1991-2010)

In 1991, SAI was acquired by Six Flags. In 1995, Six Flags phased out the Schuyler Amusements subsidiary and Schuyler Lake became known as "Six Flags Schuyler Lake" in 1999.

Cedar Fair Era (2011-2014)

In November 2010, Six Flags sold the park to Cedar Fair and numerous changes occurred at the park, mostly ride renaming and also dumping the "Six Flags" branding from the park's name.

Kennywood Entertainment era (2015-2016)

In 2015, Kennywood Entertainment bought the park from Cedar Fair.

Second Six Flags Era (2017-present)

In 2017, Kennywood Entertainment sold the park to Six Flags.

Height categories

Since 1991 Schuyler Lake uses characters from the Sailor Schuyler and his Seaport Friends franchise for each height range to determine who can ride which rides.

All measurements are in inches:

Category Range
Lil' Matey Under 36 (under 3')
Lil' Schuy (Formerly Sheldon Turtle from 1991-1992) 36 – 42 (3' – 3'6")
Waleena 42 – 48 (3'6" – 4')
Sailor Schuyler 48 – 54 (4' – 4'6")
Seamore Sea Serpent (formerly The Admiral from 1991-1992) 54 – 60 (4'6" – 5')
Nessie (formerly Seamore Sea Serpent from 1991-1992) 60 and above (5' +)


  • Centennial Plaza (opened in 1962; formerly known as "Schuyler Gardens" [1962-2012)])
  • North Country (opened in 1962)
  • Little New York (opened in 1962; formerly known as "Southern Tier" [1962-1989])
  • Old Britaina (opened in 1962)
  • Sailor Schuyler's Seaport (opened in 1984; formerly known as "Sesame Town" [1984-1990])
  • Looney Tunes & DC Superfriends Kids Area (formerly known as "Wegmans Kids Country" [2015-2018] ,"Camp Snoopy" [2011-2014], "Bug Bunny World & Thomas Town" [2008-2010], "Bugs Bunny World" [1991-2007], and "Junior Junction" [1962-1990])
  • Mount Schuyler Valley (opened in 1962)
  • Boardwalk Bay (opened in 1962)
  • Harborside (inclusive water park) (opened in 1991; formerly known as "Sailor Schuyler's Hurricane Harbor" [1999-2010)], and "Shores of Schuyler Lake" [1991-1998])

Roller coasters

Name Year Opened Height requirement Description Section Color Scheme
Batman: The Ride 1993 54" A Bolliger & Mabillard "Batman" inverted roller coaster. Little New York Black (1993-2003)

Black/Yellow (2004-2010, 2017-present)
Red/Golden yellow (2011-2016)

Beastie 1976 36" An Arrow Dynamics kiddie coaster. Formerly known "Sailor Schuyler" (1976-1990). Originally had a color scheme of black (supports) and yellow (track) before being repainted to all orange to match Steel Beast's colors in 1991. Junior Junction (1976-1990)
Sailor Schuyler's Seaport (1991-present)
Black/Yellow (1976-1990)
Orange (1991-present)
Big New Yorker 1991 48" A Bolliger & Mabillard looping roller coaster. Currently the tallest looping roller coaster in the world at 260 feet. It has been the park's marquee roller coaster since it first opened in 1991. This was the first sit down roller coaster that Bolliger & Mabillard ever built. Little New York Teal (supports)/Yellow (track) (1991-2018)
Dark Blue (supports)/Orange (track) (2019-present) with taxi cab themed trains (1991-present)
Bizarro 2002 54" A Bolliger & Mabillard floorless roller coaster. Formerly known as "Steel Venom" (2011-2015) and "Medusa" (2002-2010). Old Britaina Green/Purple (2002-2017)
Red/Orange (2017-present)
Cyborg Escape 2019 48" An enclosed Mack "Wild Mouse" extreme spinning roller coaster. Has a turntable loading station. Themed to Cyborg and Grid. Boardwalk Bay Brown/Black
The Flash: Vertical Velocity 2001 54" An Intamin impulse coaster with an angled spike ala Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. Formerly known as "V2: Vertical Velocity" (2001-2010) and "V-Force" (2011-2016). Originally had a yellow and teal color scheme before being repainted to yellow and red in 2011. Boardwalk Bay Yellow (supports)/Teal (track) (2001-2010)
Yellow (track)/Red (Supports) (2011-present)
Goliath 1999 48" A 315-foot tall Morgan hyper coaster. Formerly known as "XLR8R" (2011-2016). Old Britaina Blue (supports) /Orange (track)
Green Lantern 2010 Between 54" and 78" A Bolliger & Mabillard flying coaster. Formerly known as "Flight of the Phantom" (2015-2016), "Nighthawk" (2011-2014) and "Green Lantern" (2010, 2017-present). Little New York Green/black
Harley Quinn Spinsanity 2005 42" (with adult)
48" (alone)
A Gerstlauer custom spinning coaster. Was the first spinning coaster with a loop and to reach the 100-foot tall mark. Formerly known as "Tedy McCorrmick's Tornado Coaster" (2005-2007), "Tony Hawk's Big Spin" (2008-2010), and "Skatepark Spin" (2011-2014). Originally had a color scheme of all red before being painted to red and black in 2008 and then being repainted to yellow and orange in 2011, then back to red and black for 2019. Old Britaina Dark blue (track)/Dark gray (supports) (2005-2007)
Red (track)/Black (supports) (2008-2010, 2019-present)
Yellow (supports)/Orange (track) (2011-2018)
Iron Comet 2017 48" A wood/steel hybrid roller coaster built by Rocky Mountain Construction and is the first ever RMC coaster to have a vertical loop element. Replaced Golden Comet. Boardwalk Bay Blue/Yellow/White with comet themed trains
Jack Rabbit II 1970 46" (with adult)
54" (alone)
A Philadelphia Toboggan Company wooden family coaster. Replaced Jack Rabbit. Old Britaina White
The Joker 2019 48" An S&S 4D free fly coaster. Little New York Green/Pink
Kid Flash 2019 36" A Zamperla family roller coaster. Replaced a long abandoned McDonald's restaurant that was in operation from 1985 until 1997. Looney Tunes & DC Superfriends Kids Area Red/Orange
Lake Monster 1984 42" A 186-foot tall Arrow Dynamics swinging suspended coaster. It is currently the longest and tallest suspended swinging coaster in the world. Sponsored by Coca-Cola from 1991 to 1995. North Country Dark blue (track)/Gray (supports) (1984-1990)
Red (track)/Gray (supports) (1991-present)
Lil' Lake Monster 1997 Between 36" and 76" A Caprio "Batflyer" coaster. Was marketed as the first suspended coaster for kids when it first opened. Looney Tunes & DC Superfriends Kids Area Red/White
Sonic Boomerang 1985 48" (with adult)
54" (alone)
An Arrow Dynamics "Boomerang" roller coaster model. This was the first boomerang roller coaster model to open in the US. Originally had an all black color scheme. Boardwalk Bay Black (track)/light gray (supports) (1985-1990)
Teal (track)/White (supports) (1991-2010)
Black (track)/Red (supports) (2011-present)
Steel Beast 1988 48" A 205 foot tall Arrow Dynamics looping roller coaster. Was the first roller coaster in the world to exceed the 200-foot tall mark and with eight inversions when it first opened. Uses the old Corckscrew que line and station. Mount Schuyler Valley/North Country. Gray (track)/Orange (Supports) with orange saber-toothed tiger themed trains
Superman: The Ride 2000 54" An Intamin hyper roller coaster cloned from Darien Lake's Ride of Steel. Formerly known as "Century Strength" (2011-2015) and "Superman: Ride of Steel" (2000-2010). Little New York Blue/Red with Superman props
Tidal Wave 2014 42" (with adult)
48" (alone)
A Zamperla Skater Coaster. Even though it's technically a flat ride the park lists it as a roller coaster. Sailor Schuyler's Seaport Blue/Teal with a clipper ship themed car.
Titan 2021 54" A B&M Giga, tallest coaster still operating at the park at 333 ft. Old Britaina Orange/blue
Wile E.'s Acme Rocket Coaster 2018 42" A RMC wood/steel hybrid family roller coaster with no inversions. Only family/kiddie coaster to get on the Golden Ticket Awards top 100, being at #98 in 2018 and #99 in 2019. Looney Tunes & DC Superfriends Kids Area Red/Yellow

Water rides

Name Year Opened Height requirement Description Section Color scheme
Action Mountain 1991 48" An Arrow Dynamics dinghy water slide that was built on the park's iconic landmark, Mount Schuyler. Mount Schuyler Valley Beige (1991-2009)
Milk White (2010-present)
Arctic Run 1986 36" (with adult)
48" (alone)
An Intamin river rapids ride with an arctic theme. Mount Schuyler Valley White
Lumberjack 1982 36" (with adult)
48" (alone)
195 foot tall Arrow Dynamics log flume ride that is touted as the world's tallest and longest log flume ride. Originally going to be torn down in 2001 for Total Mayhem, but due to outrage, a flat plot of land was chosen instead. In 2002, for it's 20th anniversary, a second path was built by Hopkins to increase capacity that would divide after the first lift and would come back on the second lift. In 2005 to make way for Harley Quinn's Spinsanity, the original path was torn down and only the Hopkins path is used. Old Britaina Silver-gray (1982-2017)
Changes Every Year via LED lighting (2018-present)
Paddlewheel Excursions 2013 36" A paddlewheel boat ride around Schuyler Lake. Boats relocated from Cedar Point. North Country N/A
Whitewater Landing 2005 42" (with adult)
54" (alone)
An Intamin Shoot the Chute water ride. Located in the Boardwalk Bay section. Formerly known as "Tedy McCorrmick's Torrential Downpour (2005-2007) and "Shipwreck Falls" (2008-2010). North Country Multiple for the boats

Flat rides


Name Year Opened Height requirement Description Section Color scheme
Blackbeard's Ship 1978 39" (with adult)
48" (alone)
A Huss Pirate ship ride. Boardwalk Bay Brown
Dungeon Drop 1997 52" A 200-foot tall Intamin Drop Tower. Old Britaina Black
Extreme Supernova 2010 48" A Zamperla Giant Discovery ride. Boardwalk Bay White
Firecracker 1975 48" A modified Schwarzkopf Enterprise ride in which the cars are allowed to flip freely. Old Britaina Silver (1975)
American Flag (1976-present)
Halfpipe 360 2008 48" A Zamperla Disk'O ride. Formerly known as "Tony Hawk's Halfpipe 360" (2008-2010). Old Britaina Red/Black with a skateboarding halfpipe design
Mega Fireball 2015 48" (with adult) 52" (alone) A 200-foot tall Larson Super Loop ride. Formerly known as "Lightning Loop" (2015). North Country Yellow/Blue (2015-2016)
Red/Yellow with a flame design (2017-present)
New Revolution SchuyScreamer 2018 48" A 400-foot tall Funtime Star Flyer ride. Boardwalk Bay American Flag
Screamin' Demon 2003 48" A Chance Rides Revolution ride Boardwalk Bay Red/Orange
Wizard 1989 52" A Zierer Flying Carpet ride Old Britaina Green/Purple with magical wizard theming


Name Year Opened Height requirement Description Section Color Scheme
Bayrne Kurve 1974 46" A Schwarzkopf Bayern Kurve ride. Old Britaina Black/White
Bird Garden 1920 N/A A walk around attraction with live exotic birds. N/A
Blizzard Indoors 1969-1995
36" (with adult)
48" (alone)
A Mack Calypso ride. Formerly closed in 1995, but reopened in 2017 as an indoor ride. Formerly known as "Calypso" (1969-1995) Old Britain (1969-1995)
North Country (2017-present)
Orange/Red/Yellow (1969-1995)
Teal/White (2017-present)
Carousel Castle 1913 36" A Dentzel two-story antique carousel. Centennial Plaza Unknown (1913-1956)
Brown (1957-1985)
American Flag (1985-present)
Deer Forest 1982 N/A An animal exhibit with European Fallow Deer are in a fenced-in area which allows people to move about freely. Food is provided for a fee. Old Britaina N/A
Der Katerpult 1977 46" A Huss Troika ride. Formerly known as "Troika" (1977-1998) and "Fantasy Fling" (1999-2010). Old Britaina Teal/White (1977-1998)
Green/Purple (1999-2010)
Teal/Lime Green (2011-present)
Dodge 'Ems 1973 36" (with adult)
48" (alone to drive)
Bumper Cars. Formerly known as "Gotham City Dodgems" (1999-2010) and "Bumper Cars" (1973-1998). Boardwalk Bay Varies for cars
Flying Dragons 2013 46" A Larson Flying Scooters ride. The name was previously used from 1983 to 1991 on a kiddie ride. Old Britaina Red/Blue with images of dragons
Frightmare Monster Blasters 1999 36" A Sally Corporation interactive dark ride where riders shoot monsters. Formerly known as "Scooby-Doo Ghostblasters: Monster of the Finger Lakes" (1999-2010). Boardwalk Bay N/A
Himalaya 1983 46" A Mack Himalaya ride. Boardwalk Bay Teal/Gray
Lakeside Turnpike 1963 48" (alone) A guided track ride with antique cars. Boardwalk Bay Varies for cars
Noah's Ark 1939 36" A funhouse walk around attraction with animatronic animals. Old Britaina N/A
Typhoon Spinnaker 1980 36" (with adult)
48" (alone)
A Mack Sea Storm Ride. Was located in the Boardwalk Bay section from 1980-1990. Formerly known as "Sailor" (1980-1990). Boardwalk Bay (1980-1990)
Sailor Schuyler's Seaport (1991-present)
Scrambler 1959 36" (with adult)
48" (alone)
A Scrambler ride. Boardwalk Bay Silver/Gold (1959-1998)
Red/Silver (1999-present)
Schuyler Lake Railroad 1962 36" A steam-powered train ride built by General Railway Signal (GRS) with open carriages that goes around the park. Refurbished numerous times by Chance Rides. Mount Schuyler Valley Brown (#1 Sailor Schuyler; formerly "Ol' Bill" from 1962 to 1990)
Silver (#2 Admiral; formerly "Ol' Sam" from 1962 to 1990)
Black (#3 Ol' Ben; retired in 2012)
Steeplechase 1949 42" A three lane single-railed guided track ride. Old Britaina Varies for cars
Super Wheel 1973 48" A 150 foot tall Ferris Wheel. Boardwalk Bay Brown (Sailor Schuyler vehicles)
The Whip 1928 36" (with adult)
48" (alone)
A Mangles Whip ride. Currently the second oldest ride in the park. Boardwalk Bay Multiple
Whirlwind 1979 48" A Wave Swinger ride. Old Britaina Red/White


Name Year Opened Height requirement Description Section Color scheme
Barrel Roller 1984 Between 36" and 60" A Zamperla Mini Teacups ride. Formerly known as "Cookie Monster's Cookie-Go-Round" (1984-1990). Sailor Schuyler's Seaport Sky blue/tan with cookie jar designs and Cookie Monster props (1981-1990)
Brown/Black with a wooden barrel design (1991-present)
Batman's Batmobile 2008 42" A Sartori "Crazy Bus" ride. Formerly known as "Buster the Wacky Bus" (2017-2018), "Camp Bus" (2011-2015) and "Bertie the Bus"(2008-2010). Wegmans Kids Country (2008-2018)
Looney Tunes & DC Superfriends Kids Area
Red/Tan (2008-2010)
Blue/Yellow (2011-2018)
Black/Yellow (2019-present)
Batty-Go-Round 1984-1990
Under 54" A Hampton rides kiddie umbrella ride with bats. Formerly known as "The Count's Batty Bat" (1984-1990). Formerly closed in 1990, but reopened in 2017. Sesame Town (now known as Sailor Schuyler's Seaport; 1986-1990)
Wegmans Kids Country/Looney Tunes & DC Superfriends Kids Area (2017-present)
Purple/Green umbrella (1984-1990)
Black/Yellow umbrella with black bat shaped cars (2017-present)
BMX Motorcross 1977 Under 54" A Hampton rides kiddie umbrella ride with "jumping" motorcycles. Formerly known as "Joe Cool Motorcycles" (2011-2015), "Daffy Duck Magic Motorcade" (1991-2010), and "Tike Bikes" (1977-1990). Looney Tunes & DC Superfriends Kids Area Red/Yellow umbrella with various colored motorcycle cars
Crow's Nest 1991 36" (alone)
over 54" (with child under 54")
A Zamperla Jumping Star ride. Sailor Schuyler's Seaport Brown with a wooden design
Frog Pond 2012 Under 54" A Zamperla Jump Around ride themed to frogs. Sailor Schuyler's Seaport Green/Yellow with frog shaped cars
Funtime Junction 2008 36"
over 54" (with child under 54")
A kiddie train ride. Use the old Little Lake Railway tracks. Formerly known as "Snoopy's Junction" (2011-2015) and "Percy's Mail Delivery" (2008-2010). Looney Tunes & DC Superfriends Kids Area Green/Red (train)
Great Barrier Reef Sub 1991 42" A Zamperla Crazy Bus ride. Sailor Schuyler's Seaport Blue/Yellow
Green Lantern: First Flight 2008 Under 54" A Sartori "Mini Jet" ride. Formerly known as "Sky Copters" (2017-2018), "Woodstock's Whirlybirds" (2011-2015) and "Harold the Helicopter" (2008-2010). Wegmans Kids Country (2008-2018)
Looney Tunes & DC Superfriends Kids Area
White/Red (2008-2010)
Yellow/Sky Blue with Peanuts character props (2011-2015)
Yellow/Sky blue (2017-2018)
Green/black with DC Comics character props (2019-present).
Jr. Dodge 'Ems 1976 Under 54" Kiddie bumper cars. Formerly known as "Peanuts Road Rally" (2011-2015),"Taz's Road Rally" (1991-2010) and "Kiddie Bumper Cars" (1976-1990). Looney Tunes & DC Superfriends Kids Area Varies for cars
Looney Tunes 'Round Town 1991 Under 54" A guided track car ride solely for children. Formerly known as "Kiddie City" (1991-2018) Looney Tunes & DC Superfriends Kids Area Varies for cars
Peg Leg Pat's Bilge Rat Blasters 2013 46" A Zamperla Midi Teacups ride with water guns. Sailor Schuyler's Seaport Brown/tan with a wooden design
Red Baron Seaplanes 1977 Under 54" A Chance Rides kiddie plane ride. Formerly known as "Sesame Street Airport" (1984-1990) and "Red Baron" (1977-1983). Junior Junction (now known as DC Superfriends Kids Area; 1977-1983)
Sailor Schuyler's Seaport (1984-present)
Sailor Schuyler's Beach House 2013 Under 54" An International Play Company enclosed soft playground for kids under 54" tall. Sailor Schuyler's Seaport Multiple colors with Sailor Schuyler and his Seaport Friends character props
Sailor Schuyler's High Sea Adventure 2012 36" (with adult)
48" (alone)
A 14 car Zamperla Aero Top Jet ride themed to log rafts. Sailor Schuyler's Seaport Gray/brown with log raft themed cars
Seaport Coastal Delivery Service 1984 Under 54"
over 54" (with child)
A Zamperla Convoy ride. Formerly known as "Oscar's Trash Trucks" (1984-1990). Sailor Schuyler's Seaport Varies for cars
Seaport Weather Balloons 1991 46" A Zamperla Samba Balloons ride. Sailor Schuyler's Seaport Teal/Green (1991-1995)
Red/Yellow (1996-present)
Sea Breeze Swings 2012 36" A Zamperla Lolly Swing ride themed to the park's mascot, Sailor Schuyler. Sailor Schuyler's Seaport Red/Yellow shaped like Sailor Schuyler.
Super Wheel Too 1977 Under 54" A kiddie Ferris wheel ride. Formerly known as "Snoopy's World Wheel" (2011-2015) "Bugs Bunny's Wacky Wheel" (1991-2010), and "Windmill" (1977-1990). Looney Tunes & DC Superfriends Kids Area Pink/Sky blue/Orange/Lime Green (1977-2018)
Red/Yellow/Blue/White (2019-present)
Superman's Krypton Flyers 1987 Under 52" A Zamperla Mini Enterprise ride. Formerly known as "Space Race" (2017-2018), "Snoopy's Space Race" (2011-2015), "Marvin's Space Race" (1991-2010), and "Robo Flight" (1987-1990). Wegmans Kids Country (1987-2018)
Looney Tunes & DC Superfriends Kids Area
Multiple colors (1987-2018)
Red/Blue with images of DC Comics characters (2019-present)
SS Schuyler 2005 42" A Zamperla Rockin' Tug ride. Sailor Schuyler's Seaport Red/Yellow
Tweety's Escape 2012 42" A HEEGE Tower where riders pull themselves up a tower and then drop down. Formerly known as "Tree Climber" (2017-2018) and "Kite Eating Tree" (2012-2015). DC Superfriends Kids Area Brown/Green with a treehouse theme

Extra charge

Name Year Opened Description Section
Thrill Swinger 1998 A Skycoaster attraction. Formerly known as "Ripcord" (2011-2015) and "Skycoaster" (1998-2010). Little New York
Revolution 1991 A revolving thrill ride that's a clone of "Zenobio" at Luna Park in NYC. Mount Schuyler Valley
Starlight Mini Golf 1992 An indoor 18-hole mini golf course with a space theme. Boardwalk Bay

Defunct rides

Roller coasters

Name Year Opened Year Closed Description Former color scheme
Cavalier 2004 2019 An Intamin Accelerator roller coaster. Was the tallest roller coaster in the world at 495 feet. To be replaced with Titan. Red (supports)/Black (track)
Comet Jr. 1962 1975 An Arrow Dynamics steel kiddie coaster. Replaced with Beastie. White/Blue
Corkscrew 1977 1987 An Arrow Dynamics "Corkscrew" coaster. Replaced with Steel Beast. White/Red
DeJa Vu 2001 2010 A Vekoma Giant Inverted Boomerang. Was in storage from 2011-2017. Now at the New York State Fair as "Sonic Boomerang". Green/Blue
Fireball 1982 2003 A Schwarzkopf shuttle loop roller coaster. Replaced with Cavalier. Red/Yellow
Golden Comet 1962 2015 A 150 foot tall Philadelphia Toboggan Company wooden coaster. Replaced with Iron Comet. Was the first roller coaster in the world to reach the 100-foot tall mark. Yellow
Grand Prix 1920 2012 A John A. Miller racing wooden coaster. The park's first roller coaster. Became an ACE landmark in 2003. Replaced with Versus. Formerly known as "Racer" (1923-1990). White (1923-1993)
Orange/Green (1994-2012)
Jack Rabbit 1928 1969 A Harry C. Baker wooden coaster. Burned down in a fire off-season in 1969. Scrapped and replaced with Jack Rabbit II. White
The Loop 1969 1972 An Arrow Dynamics prototype looping roller coaster. This was the first steel looping roller coaster in the world. It closed due to safety concerns in 1972 and it was scrapped in 1983 to make way for Lake Monster. White
Matrix 1987 2018 A Vekoma MK-700 coaster. It was the first Vekoma “Illusion” coaster ever made. Was located in the Boardwalk Bay section. Replaced with Cyborg Escape. Black/brown
Pippin the Zippin 1930 1987 A Philadelphia Toboggan Company wooden roller coaster. Scrapped and replaced with Steel Beast. Was located in the North Country section. Brown
Rainbow Worm 1982 1991 A Zierer small Tivoli kiddie coaster. Now in storage. Was part of the Old Britina Children's Garden section. Green with a rainbow colored ladybug style train.
Robin Hood 1982 1985 An Intamin wooden bobsled roller coaster. Scrapped and replaced with Viper. Brown
Sailor Schuyler's Splashin' Roller Soaker 2003 2015 A Setpoint "Roller Soaker" roller coaster. Was located in the Sailor Schuyler's Seaport section. Closed and scrapped due to excessive downtime and lack of ridership. White/Blue with props from Sailor Schuyler and his Seaport Friends
Thunderbolt 1924 1990 A Harry C. Baker wooden roller coaster. Became an ACE Classic coaster in 1986. Scrapped and replaced with Big New Yorker. White/Yellow (1924-1983)
Olympic Colors (1984-1990)
Versus 2013 2018 A 4D Gerstlauer splitting coaster. The coaster's trains intermittently split off into their own ways and rejoin at certain points of the ride. Has been SBNO since August 2018 due to maintenance issues that have plagued the ride since its opening in 2013. Black/Orange
Viper 1986 2004 A TOGO stand up roller coaster. Replaced with Spinsanity. Red/Black
Wild Mouse 1959 1983 A B.A. Schiff Wild Mouse roller coaster. This was the park's first steel roller coaster. The ride closed mid-season in 1983 after a piece of track crumbled deeming the ride unsafe and the ride was left SBNO until 1991 when it was scrapped and Wildcat moved in to its place. Brown/Gray
Wildcat 1975 2013 A Schwarzkopf Wildcat coaster. Replaced with Tidal Wave. Was located in the Sailor Schuyler's Seaport section from 1991-2013. Replaced Wild Mouse in 1991. Originally located where Hydra Falls in Harborside is now. Purple/Green
Woodstock Express 1984 2017 A Philadelphia Toboggan Company kiddie wooden coaster. Formerly known as "Thomas' Railway" (2008-2010), "Roadrunner Express (1991-2007, 2017 season), and "Snuffleupagus Express" (1984-1990). RMC'd as "Wile E. Coyote's Acme Rocket Coaster" while SBNO during 2016. Blue (1984-1990, 2008-2015)
Red/Orange (1991-2008)

Flat rides

Name Year Opened Year Closed Description Former color scheme
Bert and Ernie's Dune Buggies 1984 1990 A Hampton Rides kiddie umbrella ride with dune buggies. Replaced with Crow's Nest. Green/Orange
Big Apple Turnover 1995 2012 A Huss Top Spin ride. Was left SBNO from 2013-2018. Yellow/Purple
Cape Canaveral Space Chute 1975 2010 A parachute drop tower. Replaced with SchuyScreamer. White (1975-1990)
American Flag (1991-2010)
Chaos 1999 2012 A Chance Chaos ride. Replaced with Flying Dragons (newer version). Green/Purple
Daniel Dragon 1962 1990 An Arrow Dynamics "Danny the Dragon" ride. Removed in 1991 due environmental concerns due the ride being gasoline powered. Parts of the ride's train were used for a statue of Seamore Sea Serpent in the Sailor Schuyler's Seaport area. Forest Green
Eagle's Nest 1985 1997 A Huss Condor ride. Replaced with XTR: Xtreme Thrill Ride. Brown/White
Flying Dragons 1983 1991 A Zamperla Mini Jet ride with dragons. Was part of the Old Britina Children's Garden section. The name was reused in 2013 for the flying scooters ride of the same name. Red/Blue with green dragon cars
Gambler 1966 1998 A Chance Trabant ride with a poker theme. Replaced with Chaos. Formerly known as "Trabant" (1966-1987). White/Pink/Yellow (1966-1987)
Green/Black/White (1988-1998)
Haunted Manor Flume Ride 1970 1991 An indoor boat ride themed to a haunted house. Replaced with Starlight Mini Golf. Blue/Black (for boats)
It came from Schuyler Lake! 1977 2011 A Schwarzkopf Polyp ride. White/Brown (1977-1990)
Lime green/Yellow/White (1991-2011)
Kangaroo 1962 2014 A Norman Bartlett Flying Coaster ride. replaced with Mega Fireball. Brown/Yellow
Kermit the Frog's F-1 Racers 1984 1990 A Hampton Rides kiddie umbrella ride with formula 1 race cars. Replaced with Seaport Weather Balloons. Yellow/Teal umbrella with various colored F-1 race cars.
Kiddie Pirate 1983 1991 A Huss Rides junior pirate ship kiddie ride. Was part of the Old Britina Children's Garden section. Tan
Krazy Kracken 1984 2011 A Zamperla Family Swing ride themed to a squid (originally Big Bird). Replaced with Sea Breeze Swings. Formerly known as "Big Bird Swings" (1984-1990). Yellow/orange/purple shaped like Big Bird (1984-1990)
shaped like a squid (1991-2011)
Ladybug 1962 2011 An Arrow Dynamics carousel style kiddie ride with ladybugs. Replaced with Tweety's Escape. Brown/Green (for pavilion)
Red/Black (for cars)
Little Chariots 1943 1991 A Mangles Pony Cart kiddie ride. Was part of the Old Britina Children's Garden section. White/Red
Little Lake Railway 1955 2007 A kiddie train ride built by General Railway Signal (GRS). Red/Green/Black (train)
Little Lumberjack 1982 2017 An Arrow Dynamics kiddie log flume ride. Replaced with Wile E. Coyote's Acme Rocket Coaster. Brown
London Tower 1984 1996 An Intamin first generation Free Fall ride. Replaced with Dungeon Drop. Gray/Yellow
/Metro Express 1962 2018 A Von Roll suspended monorail ride. Scrapped, but parts of the track and stations are still standing. White/Red, Orange, Yellow
/Mount Schuyler Funicular 1962 1990 An Arrow Dynamics inclined car ride that took rider to and from the top of Mount Schuyler and back. Replaced with Action Mountain. Scrapped, but parts of the track still remain abandoned. The top station is being used for Action Mountain, but the ground level station is being used for the start of Action Mountain's queue line. Blue/White (cars)
Pony Ride 1962 1996 A children's roundabout ride with live ponies. Replaced with Little Lake Monster. The stable where the ponies were kept in is abandoned and can be seen in the queue line for Little Lake Monster. N/A
Professor Burpo's Soda Pop Factory 1969 1998 A dark ride themed to a soda pop factory, had an attached soda shop at the ride's exit. Replaced with Frightmare Monster Blasters. N/A
Ranger 1984 1999 A Huss Ranger ride. Replaced with Vulcan's Hammer. Orange/Yellow
Rotor 1960 1990 A Rotor ride. Replaced with Revolution. Brown/Gray
Rubber Duckie Roundabout 1986 1990 A Hampton Rides kiddie umbrella ride with ducks. Replaced with Great Barrier Reef Sub. Yellow/Blue/Red umbrella with yellow duck shaped cars.
Seamore's Viking Dragon-Go-Round 1962 2004 An Arrow Dynamics carousel style kiddie ride with dragons. Originally located in the Kiddy Kingdom section from 1977 to 1990 then relocated to the Sailor Schuyler's Seaport section. Replaced with SS Schuyler. Formerly known as "Little Dragons" (1962-1990). Green/Red/Brown
/Schuyler Skyway 1962 2017 A Von Roll chairlift ride. Scrapped, but the stations are still standing. Various colors for cars
SchuyScreamer 2011 2017 A Mondial Wind Seeker ride. Formerly known as "WindSeeker" (2011-2015). Closed on September 3, 2018. Replaced with New Revolution SchuyScreamer. Red/White/Blue (different shades than the American flag)
Sheldon's Turtle Pond 1950 2007 A Traver Kiddie Tumble Bug ride. Replaced with Skycopters. Formerly known as "Turtle Pond" (1950-1990). Black/Green
Shogun Palace 1971 1986 A walk around attraction. It featured a talking Buddha, a mirror maze, a strobe light room (with a dragon flying overhead), a walk through a miniature version of Chinatown and various other small scale items of interest with Chinese and Japanese Themes. Replaced with Matrix in 1987. The pagoda facade still remains on the building. N/A
Sky Sailor 1991 2002 A Huss Magic Ride with a nautical theme. Was located in the Sailor Schuyler's Seaport section. White/Red/Yellow
Storm Force 2000 1984 2004 An Arrow Dynamics boat flume ride. Replaced with White Water Landing. Teal
Swat 2003 2009 An S&S Sky Swat ride. Scrapped and replaced with Extreme Supernova. Closed at the end of the 2008 season and remained SBNO in 2009. Red/Teal
Torpedo 1946 1982 An Eyerly Roll-O-Plane. Replaced with Ranger. Gray (1946-1976)
Gray/Red (1977-1982)
Vulcan's Hammer 2000 2007 A Zamperla Roto Shake ride. Replaced with Halfpipe 360. Brown/Gold
Whip Jr. 1936 1991 A Mangles Kiddie Whip ride. Replaced with Space Race in Junior Junction in 1987. Later moved to the Old Britina Children's Garden section. Red/Blue
Ye Old Mill 1923 1974 An "Old Mill" dark boat ride. Brown for boats
XTR: Xtreme Thrill Ride 1998 2002 A Zamperla Robo Arm prototype ride. Removed and scrapped due to capacity and maintenance issues. Replaced with Screamin' Demon. Teal/Purple


Name Year Opened Year Closed Description
The 13 WHAM News Experience 1992 2007 An exhibit where visitors can see a WHAM-TV newscast be produced live. WOKR/WHAM-TV noon and weeknight 5PM newscasts was broadcast from the complex during the park's operating season from 1992 to 2007. After the 2007 season ended, production of the programs were moved back to the main 13 WHAM studios in Henrietta, NY. In early 2008, Six Flags terminated their licensing agreement with the Rochester, NY based ABC affiliated television station. During certain times the exhibit hosted "meet and greet" sessions with WOKR/WHAM-TV on-air personalities. Was known as "WOKR News Source 13 - The Experience" from 1996-2004 and "News Source 13 Live at Schuyler Lake" from 1992-1995. The building has stood mostly vacant ever since the attraction's closure. Replaced the Old Britina Children's Garden section and Ye Old Mill.
Bear's Den 1981 2017 An animal exhibit with black bears sits below a viewing deck, where visitors can throw Corn Pops cereal to them.
Creature Cavern 1983 2019 A cave themed walk around attraction with live reptiles, insects, and nocturnal animals. Former area has been replaced with Titan, and some of the queue is located underground in the cave where the animals once resided.
Critter Country 1949 2017 A petting zoo with farm animals, where visitors are allowed to feed them food pellets. The space is currently being used as a catered picnic area.
Dinosaurs Alive 2013 2014 An extra charge walk around attraction with animatronic dinosaurs.
Dolphin Discovery 1961 2017 A dolphin show and exhibit.
On Deck With Sailor Schuyler and his Seaport Friends 1984 1998 An animatronic stage show built by Creative Engineering, Inc. that was located in Wallena's Seaport Treats and Eats at Sailor Schuyler's Seaport. Was known as "Big Bird's Sesame Street Band" from 1984-1990. The stage is currently being used for live shows in Sailor Schuyler's Seaport.


Der Katerpault

  • On July 28, 1986, the ride malfunctioned and started up early, while everyone was still getting into their seats. A 20-year-old man died when he was flung from the vehicle and broke his neck. His friend suffered a serious concussion but survived. The employees managed to shut down the ride before it caused anymore damage and it remained SBNO while it was checked for any technical problems. Eventually the ride reopened a week later.]]