Six Flags Taiwan (Chinese: 六旗台灣) is a theme park located in Danei District of Tainan City, Taiwan. It is owned and operated by Six Flags, and is the most visited theme park on the island of Taiwan. It was previously known as Xiao Tainan (Chinese: 小臺南) and was owned & operated by the Republic of China Air Force as a summer camp for future recruits. It is the fifth-oldest park in the Six Flags chain behind Frontier City, the Myrtle Beach Pavilion, Six Flags New England and Elitch Gardens (though that is because, much like the four aforementioned parks, historically it was not always a Six Flags park).

The park attracts around 30 million visitors from Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, and Singapore each year. The park especially does well during the Taiwanese public holidays. The park's mascot is Mr. Six, played in advertisements by the comedian Hou Zidan.

This park famously has the Six Flags Capsule, a vault buried in August 2005 to be opened in August 2020.

The official theme song for Six Flags Taiwan, "Let's GO BIG", was written by Alberto Contini and Dave Rodgers and performed by Matthías Matthíasson and Jiao Sun, it was also released on CD by Avex Taiwan.


In 1959, the Xiao Tainan camp was opened. In 1965, the park's manager Colonel Tow Hongliang designed the park's wooden roller coaster Jet Coaster, which is still standing today.

In 1999, Premier Parks bought Xiao Tainan from the Taiwanese military, which was looking to divest itself of the park for various reasons (including management buying coasters and equipment from the United States, Japan and Mainland China instead of buying ones made locally), for an estimated US$23 million. Under new administration, the park's name was officially changed to Six Flags Taiwan for the park's opening in the 2000 season. Twenty new attractions were added to the park.

In 2005, Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Taiwan opened as part of the 2004-05 expansion after Six Flags bought an open field adjacent to the park. The park's SAMECO Log Flume, "Log Flume", was moved to this area and re-named "Mr. Six's Wild Flume" with new theming. However, it was initially hard for Six Flags to build Hurricane Harbor Taiwan, as much of the attractions' individual parts (including those for Tornado) arrived separately in shipping containers, but the park was able to open on time.

In 2008, they famously declined an offer from Golden Horse to get exclusive building rights, instead opting to acquire a single ZXC-24A Spinning Coaster as a compromise.

In 2020, after the coronavirus, masks were required and provided at the entrance of the park or you can bring your own. the park is now at 25% capacity, the trains now have "zigzag seating" and the queue lines have a 6ft away requirement.


  • DC Universe (DC 宇宙)
  • Gotham City (高譚市)
  • Kidzopolis (formerly "Taiwan Wiggles World" from 2004-2007 and "Wiggles World" from 2008-2010; model for the later Wiggles World attractions at the U.S. parks)
  • Looney Tunes Movie Town (魯尼曲調電影城)
  • Main Street (主要街道)
  • Thrill Zone (驚險區)
  • Whistlestop Park (吹口哨-停止 公園)

Current rides & attractions

Roller coasters

  • Batman: The Ride (蝙蝠俠) (2000, a B&M Batman Clone, originally going to be installed at Paramount's Kings Island as Face-Off until Paramount preferred the invertigo model) [Gotham City]
  • Bizarro (比扎罗) (2009, a BAMECO Supersonic Coaster, one of the trains repainted golden in 2011 for the 50th chainwide anniversary) [DC Universe]
  • Boomerang: Coast to Coaster (迴旋鏢:從海岸到海岸) (2000, a Vekoma Boomerang, only Thrill Zone coaster not affected by Hurricane Harbor) [Thrill Zone]
  • Goliath (巨人) (2000, a CCI-designed & BAMECO-built wooden roller coaster, one of the airtime hills flattened in 2005 to make way for Tornado) [Thrill Zone]
  • Harley Quinn's SpinSanity (哈雷奎恩 纺纱精神错乱) (2018, a Golden Horse/Vekoma Asia ZXC-4D Super Spinning Coaster) [Gotham City]
  • The Flash: Supersonic Velocity (閃光燈:超音速速度) (2015, a Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter) [DC Universe]
  • Jet Coaster (噴氣杯墊) (1965, a wooden roller coaster, considered the basis and/or grand-daddy of modern wooden coasters) [Main Street]
  • The Joker (小丑) (2002, a BHS/Schwarzkopf steel coaster, formerly known as Aktion-Bahn on the German fair circuit from 1990-1998) [Gotham City]
  • Marvin's Space Rocket (馬文的太空火箭) (1989; A Zierer Large Tivoli coaster, formerly known as "Space Ship" [1989-1998]) [Looney Tunes Movie Town]
  • My Flight (1998, a SkyTrak Flying Coaster, formerly known as "Solo Flying Coaster" [1998-2000], the ride was moved to a different position in Thrill Zone for the 2005 season due to Hurricane Harbor) [Thrill Zone]
  • Pandemonium (閃電戰) (2008, a Golden Horse ZXC-24A Spinning Coaster, formerly known as Tony Hawk's Big Spin from 2008-2010, only version of Pandemonium to not be a Gerstlauer coaster) [Thrill Zone]
  • SuLoCo (2014, a Vekoma SLC) [Main Street]
  • Superman: Ride of Steel (超人:鋼鐵之騎) (2000, a TOGO Sit-Down Coaster) [DC Universe]
  • Wonder Woman's Twirling Lasso (神奇女俠的捻轉套索) (2010, a SBL (Beijing Shibaolai Amusement Equipment) Space Trip coaster, often considered a bootleg) [DC Universe]
  • Z-Force (2005, a Intamin "Z-Coaster" Space Diver; formerly at Six Flags Magic Mountain as Flashback and Six Flags Over Georgia & Six Flags Great Adventure as Z-Force) [Main Street]

Flat rides

  • Bungee Boy! (蹦極男孩!) (2002, a reverse bungee ride, one of the two flat rides in Thrill Zone not affected by Hurricane Harbor) [Thrill Zone]
  • Daffy Duck's Hanggliding Tours (達菲鴨的懸掛式滑翔之旅) (2003, a Dartron Cliff Hanger) [Looney Tunes Movie Town]
  • Gyroscopic (陀螺伸縮式) (2019, a Sinorides Amusement Human Gyroscope) [Thrill Zone]
  • Scooby-Doo! Ghostblasters: The Mystery of the Haunted Temple (史酷比格! 鬼爆破:鬧鬼寺之謎) (2002, a Sally Corporation "Scooby-Doo's Haunted Mansion" dark ride) [Looney Tunes Movie Town]
  • Superman: Tower of Power (超人:力量之塔) (2006, an Intamin Giant Drop) [DC Universe]
  • Tainan Sky Screamer (台南天空尖叫) (2014, a Funtime Star Flyer, only SkyScreamer to not have any text on the top due to language differences) [Thrill Zone]
  • Wonder Woman's Lasso Whip (神奇女俠的套索鞭子) (2003, a KMG Afterburner) [DC Universe]

Kiddie rides

  • Bugs Bunny's Magic Motorcade (兔八哥的魔法車隊) (1989; A Hampton Rides kiddie umbrella ride with jeeps, Volkswagen style cars, and motorcycles, formerly known as "Kids Carousel" [1989-1999]) [Looney Tunes Movie Town]
  • Krazy Kars (疯狂的汽车) (2004, a specially themed MSC Incorporated Vintage Car Circuit, formerly known as "Big Red Cars" from 2004-2010) [Kidzopolis]
  • Krazy Kups (瘋狂的茶杯) (2004, a Mack Rides Tea Cups ride, formerly known as "Dorothy's Tea Cups" from 2004-2010) [Kidzopolis]
  • Taz Twister (塔茲龍捲風) (1989; A Zierer kiddie Wave Swinger ride, formerly known as "Little Swings" [1989-1999]) [Looney Tunes Movie Town]
  • Up, Up & Away (向上,向上和離開) (2004, a Zamperla Balloon Race ride, formerly known as "Yummy Yummy Fruit Salad" from 2004-2010) [Kidzopolis]
  • Wacky Wheel (搞笑輪) (2004, a SAMECO ferris wheel, formerly known as "Wiggly Ferris Wheel" from 2004-2010) [Kidzopolis]
  • Whistlestop Train (吹口哨-停止 旅客列車) (2008; a Chance Rides C.P. Huntington train ride) [Whistlestop Park]

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Taiwan (六旗颱風港台灣)

Six flags hurricane harbor taiwan logo
Opened in 2005, and the park's biggest investment since it's acquisition by Premier Parks. Also known as Six Flags Typhoon Harbor.
  • Adventure River (冒險河) (2012; a 1,000-foot (300 m) long lazy river)
  • Aqua Splash (海王的飛濺) (2001; an Intamin Water Coaster, originally in the Thrill Zone land)
  • Big Kahuna (大卡胡納) (2005; four-slide inner-tube complex)
  • Dive Bomber (俯衝轟炸機) (2005; a five story slide where the floor drops out from under you, originally had no trapdoor until 2015)
  • Monsoon Lagoon (季風潟湖) (2005; a wave deck)
  • Mr. Six's Wild Flume (六先生的野生船) (1993; a SAMECO Log Flume, formerly known as "Log Flume" from 1993-2005, originally in the Thrill Zone land)
  • Tornado (龍捲風) (2005; a ProSlide Technology Inc. Tornado "Rattler" slide)
  • Typhoon Bay (颱風灣) (2005; a 500,000 gallon wave pool)
  • Typhoon Mountain (颱風山) (2005, a set of ProSlide Technology Inc. Pipeline slides)

Former Rides


5 coasters in Thrill Zone were removed and relocated to make room for some of Hurricane Harbor, Thrill Zone is now a third of it's original size.


Incidents for rides & coasters with their own pages are mentioned on the aforementioned pages.

  • In 2006, one of the Tornado's CloverLeaves flipped over, ProSlide was ordered to fix the pieces, and they did just that, the repairs costed $350,000.
  • On October 10, 2018 (National Day of the Republic of China), two Brazilian tourists from Brasília were injured when a cord snapped on the Bungee Boy! ride. IAAPA and the Public Construction Commission investigated the incident, and the cause was determined to be the result of the park replacing a higher quality cord ordered from the manufacturer with a poorly-made one made locally. The ride was reopened after repairs in time for the 2019 season.


  • As work on Six Flags Zhejiang has been halted, those wishing to buy season passes for Six Flags Zhejiang have been given free passes for Six Flags Taiwan.
  • The Hurricane Harbor area is the second-largest Six Flags Hurricane Harbor waterpark behind that of Six Flags Nebraska.
  • The park is so large, that taking the transportation systems are heavily recommended by park employees.


As Xiao Tainan

  • 一個有趣的教育經驗 (English: A fun educational experience)

As Six Flags Taiwan

  • Six Flags Taiwan - GO BIG! (2000-2003)
  • Six Flags Taiwan - The Roller Coaster Capital of East Asia (2004-2008)
  • 讓我們的黨和戰鬥! (English: Let's party and battle!) (2008-2012)
  • Go Big, Go Six Flags Taiwan! (2012-2018)
  • 台灣驚險之城 (English: Taiwan's Thrill City) (2018-present)




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