Six Flags Wyatt Valley is an amusement park located in Wyatt Valley, Memphis, Eruowood.


The park opened in 1970 as "Wyatt's Magic Mountain". In 1990 Six Flags bought the park and renamed it "Six Flags Wyatt's Magic Mountain". In 1999, the park was renamed to "Six Flags Wyatt Valley" to avoid confusion with the American version of Magic Mountain.


  • Fright Fest – Originally only one night in October called 'Fright Night', Fright Fest is the annual Halloween festival at Six Flags Wyatt Valley. Fright Fest takes place throughout the month of October and features several specialized additions to the park. Haunted houses, decorated pathways, patrolling ghouls, and spooky music all contribute to the park’s transformation into a giant 'scream' park.
  • Holiday in the Park - A tradition that started in 2003, Holiday in the Park is now one of the park’s most popular seasonal events as the park’s season winds down towards the end of November and throughout December. Hundreds of thousands of Christmas lights are strung around the park buildings and rides. An authentic snow hill is available for visitors to sled down. Festive holiday shows, arts and crafts, and delicious seasonal food also bring the holidays to Six Flags Wyatt Valley.



  • Astroworld (introduced in 1970)
  • DC City (introduced in 1999)
  • Looney Tunes Carnival (introduced in 1999)
  • Texas Territory (introduced in 1970)
  • Kidzopolis (introduced in 1970; formerly known as "Wiggles World" (2007-2010) and "Children's Garden" (1970-2006))
  • Alpine Village (introduced in 1970)


Roller coasters

Name Year Opened Description Section
Ballistic 2016 An S&S 4D Free Fly roller coaster. Astroworld
Batman Escape 1995 A Vekoma Boomerang roller coaster. Given new trains with lap bars by Sunkid as part of the 30th anniversary of the Tim Burton movie in 2019. DC City
The Joker 2007 A Gerstlauer 420/4 spinning roller coaster model. Formerly known as "Tony Hawk's Big Spin" (2007-2010). DC City
Phantom 1987 An Arrow Dynamics suspended swing roller coaster. Texas Territory
Roadrunner Express 1970 An Arrow Dynamics kiddie mine train roller coaster. Formerly Known as "Little Whizzer" (1970-1998). Children's Garden (now known as Kidzopolis; 1970-1998)
Looney Tunes Carnival
Superman: Ride of Steel 1999 A B&M inverted roller coaster. This coaster is based on Raptor, but with a Batwing instead of a Cobra roll and no Mid-Course Brake Run. DC City
Ultra Twister 1987 A TOGO Ultra Twister roller coaster. Astroworld
Vulcan 1994 A B&M floorless sit down roller coaster. Was a stand up roller coaster from 1994-2016. This was the first stand up to sit down floorless converted roller coaster for the Six Flags chain. Alpine Village
Wyatt's Whizzer 1970 An Arrow Dynamics mine train roller coaster. Astroworld

Water rides

Name Year Opened Description Section
Saw Mill Screamer 1970 An Arrow Dynamics log flume ride. It used had two flumes side by side. Both flumes were merged in 2000 as part of the ride's retracking by Hopkins. Alpine Village
Thunder River 1981 An Intamin river rapids ride. This was the first amusement park river rapids ride to open in Eruowood. Gained a refurbishment in 2001, adding pay-to-shoot water cannons (25c), and a circular platform (similar to White Water Canyon at Kings Island) instead of the dual loading station. Texas Territory

Flat rides


Name Year Opened Description Section
Batwing 1988 A Zamperla Telecombat ride. Formerly known as "Space Racer" (1988-1998). Astroworld
Dueling Dragons: Fire vs. Ice 2001 A Zamperla Hawk 48 ride. Alpine Village
Full Throttle 2017 A Larson Super Loop ride. Astroworld
Space Chute 1970 An Intamin parachute drop tower ride. Astroworld
Swashbuckler 1982 A Huss Pirate Ship ride. Alpine Village


Name Year Opened Description Section
Alpine Sleigh Ride 1970 An original park attraction where riders ride in sleighs through a man made mountain with various features like an animatronic Yeti, a cold room with a water splash and fog, and a strobe tunnel (removed in 1999). Alpine Village
Orbiter 1970 A Scrambler ride Astroworld
Texas Twister 1970 A Wave Swinger ride. Texas Territory


Name Year Opened Description Section
Bugs Bunny Buccaneer 1999 A Sartori Mini Pirate Ship ride. Looney Tunes Carnival
Carnival Wheel 1995 A Zamperla Mini Ferris Wheel ride with balloon themed cars. Formerly known as "Balloon Wheel" (1995-1998). Children's Garden (now known as Kidzopolis; 1995-1998)
Looney Tunes Carnival
Daffy's Diver 1999 A Zamperla Crazy Bus ride themed to a submarine, Looney Tunes Carnival
Kiddie Kars 1970 An Arrow Dynamics miniature guided track ride originally with Ford Thunderbird-style cars (1970-2006) solely for children. Cars replaced in 2007 with ones resembling the Wiggles' Big Red Car. Formerly known as "Big Red Cars" (2007-2010) and "Turnpike Tikes" (1970-2006). Kizopolis
Taz Twister 1999 A Zamperla Lolli Swing ride. Looney Tunes Carnival
Treehouse Tower 2007 A Zamperla Samba Tower ride. Formerly known as "Yummy Yummy Fruit Salad" (2007-2010). Kizopolis
Zoom Jets 2007 A Zamperla Aero Top Jet ride. Formerly known as "Big Red Planes" (2007-2010) Kizopolis


  • The "Astroworld" section's name is a reference to the now defunct Six Flags Astroworld amusement park.
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