Slik Immersive is a video game developer, headquartered in Austin, Texas, with satellite studios in London, England; Atlanta, Georgia, and Shanghai, China. 


Slik Games South

Slik Games South logo 2015

Slik Immersive's former logo as Slik Games South, used since 2015.

Creepu Place Productions was founded on January 4, 1992, and as of 2005, the company claimed to employ an estimated 100 people.

In 1997, it was sold to Activision and became Activision Studios San Antonio, then in 2000, it was sold to Electronic Arts and became EA San Antonio. In 2002, "Balls" acquired the studio and renamed it to "Balls" Studios San Antonio.

In 2014, it was moved under Slik Games label. Slik Games South, and it's parent company were sold to OK Labs, in 2015.

In late 2015, OK Labs assets were bought out by Stainton Enterprises, parent company of GreenyWorld Studios and GreenyWorld Interactive


Creepungine (sometimes written as CreepuNgine and referred to as the Nightlight Chronicles engine) is a proprietary game engine, which powered such games as Nightlight ChroniclesBlake and Jake and Gateaway.

The game engine was in active development until the release of Creepungine 7, after which they laid off most of their middleware team, and switched to Unreal Engine.

Slik Games UK

Slik Games UK logo 2015

Slik Immersive's former logo as Slik Games UK, used since 2015.

Slik Immersive

After Stainton Enterprises's assets were transferred to CyMedia around 2018, Slik Games announced to spin off. In 2019, Slik Games South and Slik Games UK announced to merge to form a new semi-autonomous studio, a different direction from the support studio statuses both studios held previously.

In January 2020, Slik Games unveiled Slik Immersive, a studio specializing in virtual reality and augmented reality experiences, with their first game being Neon: Haywire. By the time of the announcement, they moved headquarters to Austin, Texas, only around 75 miles away from their original studio, and hired former employees of Edge of Reality and Terminal Reality, including Mark Randel.

They signed a publishing deal with Sony Interactive Entertainment for two original games and the PS4/PS5 ports of Neon: Haywire, and also are helping Cloud Imperium Games in the development of Star Citizen and its single player campaign Squadron 42. They also bought out the offices of CCP Games Atlanta and re-hired the employees, and established a new studio in China to work on an unannounced game.

Games developed

Slik Games South

  • Blake and Jake (1995)
  • The Nightlight Chronicles (1996)
  • Gateaway (1999)
  • Blake and Jake 2 (2002)
  • The Nightlight Chronicles 2 (cancelled)
  • Fiox (2015 (cancelled); no longer part of the project since December 2014, development stopped in May 2015)

Slik Immersive

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