In the United El Kadsreian Nations, smart TVs with digital TV, widgets, media drive player and internet capability are popular and it is mostly available in the entire nations. As of 2019, over 89% population of residences have smart TVs in the UEKN, with 95% in El Kadsre. The current owned TV operating systems are TVTSUG (for Theorysonic Nehervia models), Vodo (for Kentsei models), MeroSmart (for Meroview models) and Kuria OS (for Naisuka models). Other El Kadsreian smart TV brands uses Android TV operating system. It is also sold for the whole El Kadsreian Islands and worldwide.


In 2000, Theorysonic releaed the world's first smart TV, Nehervia Smart. It was available in SD and HD formats. It was followed by Naisuka, Kentsei, Meroview and other electronic makers following year.

The first commercially-released smart TV models are:

In 2001, El TV Kadsre, Regal Group Network, Viva, Inc., CPN, Constellator and MovieTime released their apps for smart TVs since launch. Also in January 2002, One Play released an app for smart TVs. It requires high-speed internet connection and can be played up to HD video playback.

List of smart TV sets

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