Sminster is a fast-food restaurant originated from El Kadsre. It is owned by Sminster Foods Holdings. It was founded by Sentanese-American chefs and entrepreneurs Gilbert Sanako Smith and Harold Sanako Smith. It was first opened in El Kadsre City, West El Kadsre (then it was New Salta, KSR, now El Kadsre) and available over 160 countries. It is one of the largest, richest and most-popular fast food chain restaurants worldwide.


The restaurant was founded on August 30, 1947, by brothers Gilbert Sanako Smith (1922-2006) and Harold Sanako Smith (1918-1999) after 2 years of construction and creating their own recipes. They introduced their owned Barbecue Burger, Cheese Chicken, Sour Cream Chicken and Barbecue Fried Chicken.

When the new ownership bought them in 1955, it was renamed to Sminster's to expand the restaurant into various provinces, cities, towns, and countries with new foods and drinks. The first restaurant was opened internationally starting with Gau and the United States.

The famous Burger House design was introduced in 1959 after the phenomenal success of Sminster restaurant and growing popularity, shifting its name from Sminster's to Sminster.

In September 1986, Sminster launched an online website for menus, promos, news and food store for your order is online without need to going through restaurant starting.



  • Smits-Burger (regular, cheese, glazed, grilles, barbecue, deluxe or big-size)
  • Smits-Chicken (regular, glazed, sour cream, spicy, barbecue, buttered, sweet and sour or cheese)
  • Smits-Fish
  • Smits-Pizza
  • Smits-Hotdog
  • Smits-Cue (pulled pork, pulled beef, or pulled chicken)
  • Smits-Grill
  • Smits-Steak
  • Smits-Roll
  • Smits-Piggy (piggy on a blanket, Circlia only)


  • Smits-Fries
  • Smits-Twist
  • Smits-Salad
  • Coleslaw


  • Sminster Kids Meal


  • Technic Energy
  • Technic Zero
  • Technic Red
  • Coca-Cola
  • Coca-Cola Light
  • Coca-Cola Zero
  • Coca-Cola Diet
  • Coca-Cola Freestyle machines (Euro Republics only)
  • Sprite
  • Pepsi
  • Pepsi Max
  • Pepsi Diet
  • Pepsi Spire machines (Euro Republics only)
  • Mountain Dew
  • Sunkist
  • Solo Lemon
  • Solo Lime
  • 7UP
  • Passionia
  • Sminster Chocolate Drink
  • Grape Cider (Kuboia only)
  • Raspberry Cider (Kuboia only)
  • Strawberry Cider (Kuboia only)


  • Ice Cream Sundae
  • Chocolate Cookie Bar
  • Banana Split
  • Fried Ice Cream
  • Four Seasons

International expansion

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Since 1955, Sminster has expanded locations in various countries. China currently has the largest number of Sminster locations.


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