Snacktime is a Jicamese children's television series created by Charlotte Anderson. It follows the adventures of Miss Lilyflower and Pumpky, two friends who navigate the fictional town of Connaissance. As of 2019, it has over 20 seasons and over 500 episodes.


Miss Lilyflower and Pumpky work at a daycare center in the fictional town of Connaissance. When their shift is over, they invite their friends to "snacktime". The featured snack is always a healthy food.


  • Miss Lilyflower (performed by Charlotte Anderson) - She works as a helper at a local daycare along with Pumpky.
  • Pumpky (performed by Emma Martin) - She works at a daycare along with her friend, Miss Lilyflower and persuades people to eat healthy.

History and production

In 1987, Charlotte Anderson made a pilot called Lilyflower & Pumpky. It was about the the two titular friends persuading other characters to eat healthy food. She sent the pilot over to JTS, who rejected the pilot. She remade the pilot in 1992, but with her friend Emma Martin and sent the pilot again to JTS, who rejected it a second time. In 1996, a frustrated Charlotte Anderson sent both pilots to Nickelodeon Jicama and they picked up the show for a 25 episode first season. Filming for the first season began in November 1997 and ended in May 1998. Due to the success of the first season, Snacktime was renewed for two more seasons.

In 2008, it was announced that Nickelodeon Jicama would not renew Snacktime for a twelfth season. Many parents and children were outraged and after public outcry, it was announced that Snacktime was picked up for a twelfth season by Kids Corner.

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