Sonic & The Gummisnak From Outer Space is a spinoff video game between Sonic The Hedgehog and Elias & The Gummisnak From Outer Space developed by EliMATION GAMES and published by SEGA.


Elias has been captured! And Gummysnak has found out that there's a new hope. AND that new hope is no other than Sonic The Hedgehog. He has been told that Dr. Eggman captured Elias. And its up to them to stop him. But, There's a new threat, the same VILLIAN.



  1. Sonic
  2. Gummysnak
  3. Elias
  4. Tails
  5. Knuckles


  1. Eggman
  2. Hard Boiled Heavies
  3. Deathlias
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