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Sonic Sez aired in Eruowood separate from the show in between shows when the short film is running... well... short. The shorts also aired is interstitials on various Eruowoodian children's programming blocks and channels throughout the 1990s.

Short Title Earliest Known Airing Latest Known Airing Notes
911 9/11/1994 1996 on TechEruo Kids Often aired after "Toy Story" back in the day.
Sharing Is Caring 9/22/1994
That's No Good 6/9/1995
They Are So Slow! 1/1/1995
Race on the Tracks 4/4/1994
Graffiti 9/6/1994
Phone Number 1/8/1994
Suntan 7/7/1995
Plant A Tree 2/5/1995
Don't Leave Your Parents 3/6/1995
Ran Over By Music
As Scammed By TV
Read A Book
Paper Thin Disguise
Eat Healthy