Spanish Nakiro is a Spanish autonomous administrative division in the El Kadsreian Islands located on the east side of Nakiro, where Spanish Nakiro is bordered with. Both Spanish Nakiro and Nakiro are located off the coast of Ahmara.

It is the only part of Spain that has German as a official language.

The Mayor-President is Obdulio Enrique Junqueras of the Ciudadanos party.


Nakiro and Spanish Nakiro were originally part of Ahmara before Nakiro declared independence and Francoist Spain captured Spanish Nakiro in 1946. In 1975 after the fall of Francoist Spain, Nakiro was engaged into civil war between the Nakirian revolutionists and the Spanish army. The Nakirian War lasted until 1979, when the Vlokozu Union got Nakiro and Spanish Nakiro to sign the ceasefire, which ended the fighting. The former part of Ahmara that became modern-day Spanish Nakiro was mostly populated by migrants from Spain and Latin America.


Organización de Radio y Televisión del Nakiro Español is the Spanish-language broadcaster of the area, it is a FORTA member with three channels: ORTNE Canal 1, ORTNE Canal 2, and ORTNE Canal 3.

The Catalan broadcaster, Mitjans de Comunicació Catalans del Castellà Nakiro, is also a FORTA member and has four channels: Canal General, Canal Família, Canal Esports, and Canal Política.

Nakiro Rundfunk, the German broadcaster, also is a FORTA member with three channels: NR1, NR2, and NR3.

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