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"A weirdo from that forest" to 2018 in El Kadsreian music
2018 in El Kadsreian television to Abercrombie & Fitch (Gau)
Abercrombie & Fitch (Piramca) to Alexsonic
Alexus Catleugh to Anthem/Lyrics
Anthem Rivers to Azara (company)
Azara (country) to Barokian Professional Hockey League
Barokian Rating Authority to Bionicle: The Mask of Control
Bionicle: The Next Generation to Boost 2: Powered Style
Boost 3: Revolution to CITV (Noobian Union)
CITV (Noobville) to Cartoon Network Cruddian
Cartoon Network Euro Republics to Chiefdom of Owakoi
Chijimatsu Safeway to Coiny
Coiny's photon gun to Creators Anonymous
Creature Dump to Dark Sky (film)
Dark Soldiers to Discovery Channel (El Kadsre)
Discovery Channel (Eruowood) to Downtown Story, Starring Chie the Brat
Dr. to EK News Group
EK Soundfactory to El Kadsre Special Security Committee
El Kadsre air dates for The Loud House to Emojis in El Kadsre
Emperor Fukawa II to Fabrice Rémy
Fabulist's Award to Finley's World/Episode Guide
Finley's World: Bigger, Longer and Uncut/Transcript to Flag of the Encuesta Islands
Flag of the Ikeda Islands to Fruit Punch
Fruit Salad Man to Gamecube in El Kadsre
Gamepholio to Gioele Arcari
Giorgio Ancona to GreenyWorld Hotels & Resorts
GreenyWorld Interactive to Guyish Transnational Highway
Guyish Union to Hi Sabrina 2
Hidayatullah van der Heijden to Hyperdimension Neptunia The Movie
Hypersquad to Infinity
Infinity (BlitzR album) to Jak TV Yokotari
Jak and Daxter: The Legend of the Lost Critters to John Guy
John Harris v. Apple Entertainment, Inc. (lawsuit) to Kadersaryinan Nationalist State
Kadishen Films to KidsNetTV
KidsNetwork to Kunkurushi Studios
Kuno Österreicher to Lethal Security
Lethiel to List of Hyper Amy references in video games
List of ITV affiliates (by U.S. state) to List of animated series with LGBT characters
List of animatronic show stages in Chuck E. Cheese's (Azara) to List of most futuristic countries (real)
List of most subscribed OneTubers to List of things banned in Priscillavenistan
List of things banned in Puerto Chango to Luis in El Kadsre
Luke City to Malachi and Friends
Malachi and Friends (TV series) to McDonald's (Sakaria)
McDonald's (Sealandia) to Military Islands
Milk Saucer Dancer to Mornin' Come (Sun Don't Shine)
Morning Madness to Namco/Drillmation of America, Inc.
Namesake Entertainment to Nick Jr. (United Noobian Nations)
Nick Jr. (Vustrela) to No Place for Sneaky Lions
No Pressure (band) to Ollie Des Qu Emońste Paçk
Ollie Productions Singapore Inc. to Palpira UFO incident
Palstovi to Piramca City
Piramca air dates for Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir to Predefinição:Navbox
Predefinição:Navbox/core to RKO McDonald's Takeover III
RKO Network to Reimu Main
Reisen Udongein Inaba (Drillimation) to Robject Drinks!
Roblox's Got Talent to Ryouichi Matsushita Jr.
Ryouta Katou to San Juan Province
San Reliches to Serena Selma
Serenia to Six Flags Mexico (Fictional)
Six Flags México (Fictional) to South Park (USA)
South Park kaleidoscope to Stella
Stellaluna: The Animated Series to Surfodarian Culture
Surge (Azara) to TV Kabel (Herzoland)
TV Kadsreian to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cereal (Philippines)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pizza Crunchabungas (Eruowood) to The Ancient Mother Unicorn
The Angry Beavers Movie to The Game of Thrones Experience
The Gangs of Problem to The Million Dollar Word Game in El Kadsre/Timeslots
The Mindless Cartoons Show to The Tale of the Underwater Kingdom
The Tara Strong Show to Tiger R-Zone in Eruowood
Tijuana's Adventure City to Toys “R Us (El Kadsre)
Toys “R” Us (El Kadsre) to Umikuni
Un (2020 TV Series) to Vextra Rave
Vextra SuperCORE to Vrana
Vtalako City to Westbrook
Western to What if Walt Disney was the founder of Columbia Pictures?/Disney An...
What if Walt Disney was the founder of Columbia Pictures?/Garland to Xenika 3
Xenika 4 to Zane the Cool Kid 2: Life Rocks
Zane the Cool Kid 3: Back in a Cool and Awesome Kid to (SING X5)それはジェフジョーンズショーです!
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