Springfield Terminal is a American rock band consisting of vocalist Sidney Cheeseman, lead guitarist Xavier Cheeseman, Irish-born rhythm guitarist Fergal Ó Cuilinn, keyboardist Sheila Coates, and New Zealand-born drummer William Taumata. They are nicknamed "the American Godiego" by some.

The band were also the first rock band to play at the historic Amazon Theatre in Brazil, and also the first rock band to perform in Guyana, Suriname, Senegal, Tanzania, Gabon, and Niger.

The band disbanded in 1986 after Sidney and Xavier moved to Colorado. In 2002, they reunited after a surge in interest in their old discography that was spawned by the usage of their song "I Am The Magician" in Zoom! into Action!. They performed "I Am The Magician" for the first time in years at Kids for Character: We Are Family in 2003 and afterwards released a children's album with the assistance of Character Counts! and the We Are Family Foundation entitled "Terminal Playtime" and performed a series of live shows at middle, elementary, and high schools.

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