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Star Flandre (スターフランドル Sutā Furandoru) is 2007 science-fiction fantasy anime short film written and directed by Susumu Takajima and Jun'ya Ohta with co-writer Akira Hisashi as part of the Anime Atrocities series. The film centers around Flandre Scarlet as she unknowingly discovers a sentient alien suit simply named the G5 who both must team up in order to stop an alien bounty hunter who is after G5.

The film is a parody of the 1997 film Star Kid, and was released on August 15, 2007 on VidSpace and YouTube, where it garnered over 100 million views.


The film begins with Flandre Scarlet playing with her dolls in her room. Feeling bored, she decides to step outside the Scarlet Devil Mansion when she notices a small meteorite crashing into a grassy field. Flandre flies through the crash site, revealing that the "meteorite" was actually a small spacepod containing the "G5", an advanced and sentient exoskeletal-suit from outer space. Once Flandre was near the suit, it activates itself and unknowingly causes the suit to transport Flandre inside the suit. After G5 explains Flandre about itself and giving her access to all the suit's functions and abilities, Flandre spends the rest of the midnight doing whatever she wants.

The next day, Gensokyo gets visited by the alien bounty hunter Lavorikars, who is after the G5 suit in order to duplicate its data and create a massive army that'll help him take over the world. During their fight against Lavorikars, G5 forcibly ejects Flandre out of the suit and she then fired a barrage of attacks at Lavorikars but he wasn't affected by the attacks, forcing Flandre to retreat for now.

Flandre Scarlet soon ran into Reimu Hakurei and Marisa Kirisame, who both are prepared to fight Flandre, but she stops them. She then begged Reimu and Marisa to help her rescue G5 in exchange that she'll leave them alone, to which Reimu and Marisa agreed. They soon saw Lavorikar's spaceship about to be taken off-world with G5, but not before Flandre, Reimu, and Marisa fired the spaceship's thrusters, sending it back in the ground. The trio soon began 1 on 1 fight, but Lavorikars proved himself to be much more powerful than the trio. Just when he was about to finish off Reimu and Marisa, Flandres jumps into the G5 suit and fights Lavorikars herself. She then finishes off Lavorikars by firing both Flandre's attacks and the G5's attacks at him.

With Lavorikars destroyed, Flandre asks G5 to stay with him, saying that she had nobody to play with, to which G5 happily agrees to stay with her for a while.

Voice Cast

Characters Japanese VA English VA
Flandre Scarlet Kagami Ochiai Cynthia Abadiano
Reimu Hakurei Mai Nakahara Wendee Lee
Marisa Kirisame Miyuki Sawashiro Jen Taylor
G5 Mitsuo Koishi Patrick Cruz
Lavorikars Kaori Mizuhara Tony Oliver