Starz China (also known as Starz 斯塔兹) is the Chinese version of Starz. It was lauinched in 2006.


Starz Inc founded the channel in 2006. Along with Starz Edge, Starz Kids and Family, Starz Cinema, Starz Comedy and Starz In Black China. It aired programs and movies in English and Chinese.


Channel Description and programming
Starz Edge (斯塔兹 边缘) Starz Edge (斯塔兹 边缘) features films aimed at young adults in the 18 to 34 age demographic. the channel's format incorporated a limited selection of films scheduled in a format mirroring the showtime scheduling used by movie theaters.
Starz Kids & Family (斯塔兹 孩子和家庭) The Kid-Friendly Version Of Starz China. It Does Not Air Films That Are Rated R, NC-17, Or TV-MA In The US.
Starz Cinema (斯塔兹 电影) Starz Cinema (斯塔兹 电影) carries films outside the mainstream cinema, incorporating critically acclaimed studio and independent releases, and arthouse films.
Starz In Black (斯塔兹 黑色) Starz In Black (斯塔兹 黑色) focuses on black cinema and urban entertainment, carrying a mix of first-run hits, classic and Pan-African films, and original productions.
Starz Comedy (斯塔兹 喜剧) Starz Comedy (斯塔兹 喜剧) focuses on lighthearted films of varying comedic genres including slapstick, romantic comedies and dramedies.

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