Stay at Home (Stylized as #StayAtHome) was a campaign that was run by Wiki TV. The campaign first began on March 23rd, 2020 when Wiki TV Decided that they will announce major changes to its programming, including where they suspended filmings of Sunlance Street, Dear Heirs, and the others on a temporary basis.


On March 23rd, 2020, Wiki TV announced that they will have changes in its programs beginning from March 25th, but they also announced that they will suspend filmings of Sunlance Street and Dear Heirs.

The CEO of Wiki TV Studios Isabella Adams has launched a campaign known as Stay at Home where she encouraged people to stay in their own homes.

TWO TV and RTL-TVI have also taken part in the campaign, with the CEO of TWO TV Harrison Walsh saying in an interview with the TWO TV News that "The coronavirus is considered as a concern for Engary and I would like everyone to stay at home".

On March 25th, Wiki TV began airing adverts about the campaign itself. In some adverts, many stars of the shows like Sunlance Street, Dear Heirs, and Stranded telling viewers what they need to do to prevent themselves from being infected by the coronavirus.

Liam Miller, the main newsreader of the Wiki TV evening news, also appears in another advert, also telling viewers to stay at home and wash their hands properly.

On May 24th, 2020, Wiki TV announced that the campaign would come to an end after just 2 months.

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