Steve Dahl in the Vlokozu Union was a TV special aired on WMAQ-TV in October 1988 about WLUP radio host Steve Dahl and his ventures into the rising Vlokozu Union entertainment industry.

The film was mostly taped in El Kadsre City and shows Dahl discussing the culture shock between his regular radio host life in Chicago and his media life in the Union, the Vlokozuian reaction to his 1979 Disco Demolition Night promotion and the difference between the genres of disco he made fun of along with his "Insane Coho Lips" and the rising 1980s house music, Italo-Disco, and Eurodisco genres, his appearances in everything from Technic Heroes installments to Takahiro Koizumi's game shows, him visiting a private party at the El TV Kadsre Television Centre, and him attending a baseball game at ANZ Stadium.

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