Stickia, also known as the Commonwealth of the Stickian States, is a country in North America located near Piramca and Robloxia.



Before discovery:

Stickia was once just a piece of land that had no inhabitants at all. However, the island was discovered by some Europeans from England.

Discovery and European colonization:

The island later became inhabited by Europeans and Stick Figures.

The settlers tried to colonize the island, and managed to. However, 6 years passed and the Americans discovered and colonized the island completely.

Part of the United States (1900-1930)

The country was an American colony until 1930, where it gained independence for a short time.

Annexation by Canada (1930-1963)

The country was annexed by Canada in late 1930, but was given independence in 1963.

The Great Stick Figure War (1963-1998)

There was a war after independence, that Stickia, Canada, Robloxia, and Spain took part in. The countries that weren't on Canada's side were trying to annex Stickia for themselves. Canada and Stickia concluded the war after launching an atomic bomb to Robloxia in 1998.

Current day Stickia (1998-present)

The country was poor at the start, but got richer throughout many years.

A lot of Indonesian and Dutch people immigrated to Stickia, and the Indonesian and Dutch languages were introduced.

Stuff in Stickia:

The Sega Master System sold more units than the Nintendo Entertainment System in Stickia. The N64 alongside its disk drive add-on sold more units than the Sega Saturn and PlayStation in Stickia.

Restaurants in Stickia include: McDonalds, Burger King, KFC, and many more.

The Sega CD (or Mega CD) was released in Stickia in 1993 and was discontinued in 1997. It had the same startup as the Japanese and European versions of the Sega CD, but with the North American music. A popular game on said console is Stick Fighters, which was later re-released for computers, the 32X, and the Sega Saturn. The price of the Sega CD in Stickia was $STK 50.11.

Wars n' stuff

During the Great Stick Figure War, Stickia and Canada put an end to it in 1998 by launching an atomic bomb to a Robloxian city called Bloxvile. Later in the year, Stickia and Robloxia signed a treaty which prevented them from going to war with each other.

Some Robloxians and Stickians tend to avoid eachother because of the war, but most of them don't really care.

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