Summera, (currently known as Liberal Republic of Summera) is a country located in North America. Summera's government is a Unitary Presidential Constitutional Liberal Republic Under a Unitary Constitutional Liberal Monarchy.


Pre Sunterians aka Surfodarian Tribes

Surfodarian Tribal Map

Before the Sunter Civilization was established, In 10,000 BC, Pre Sunterians were known as Surfodarian Tribes. In 9000 BC, Surfodarian Tribes established many settlements in eastern North America from Eastern Canada in Northern Quebec all the way down to Cuba. In 6000 BC, some of the members of the Surfodarian Tribes migrate out of North America to South America, Africa, Oceania and Northeastern Europe. In 4030 BC, most of the Surfodarian Tribes eventuality evolved into Sunterians and some of them never evolved, They made a settlement Southwest Florida called Shazaltije (later renamed to Sundesa).

Sunter Civilization

In 4000 BC, Sunter Civilization was established by Khalie I, the first monarch and only monarch in the House of Sunter and Sunter Dynasty besides her father, Xatreio I, which is the one that constructed the city of Shazaltije. In 3895 BC, Sunter conquered native tribes and Kingdom of Phento, but 5 years later, the Sunterians were pushed back to their original borders. In 4000 - 3500 BC, the Sunterians migrated to Northern Africa, Southern Africa and Northeastern Europe. In 2070 BC, Carchie K. Hazaeuery is the one that started the construction of Summera City. In 2000 BC, Khalie I dies after 2030 years of immortality by an extreme injury on her entire body and also Xatreio I also died the same way of how Khalie I died. The House of Sunter was abolished, The construction of Summera City is completed while the city of Sundesa is in complete ruins and the civilization's name is renamed to Summera because most of Sunterians evolved into Summerians and the construction of Summera City is completed.

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