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Sunila Wickremasinghe, a.k.a Sunila Mohammad Taqi Abdel Nour after marriage, (August 15, 1967 - April 5, 2014) was a Sri Lankan fashion model and voice actress, and a former wife of Romanian-born Barokian singer Mohammad Taqi Abdel Nour.


Sunila was born in Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte, Sri Lanka and did fashion model work in Shanghai, Milan, Paris, and Gothenburg from an early age.

Personal life

Sunila married to Mohammad Taqi Abdel Nour in Damascus, Syria in 1995. Upon arrival in Barokia following their marriage, she learnt the Barokian language and did voice acting work after Joaquín Gabaz suggested she do it after learning how she managed to master the language in only 2 months.



  • Herself in Sahar: Lights, Camera, Action!


  • Muck in Bob the Builder (Barokian dub, episodes 1-174)
  • Timothy's mother in Timothy Goes to School (Barokian dub)
  • Kate Eggert in Pelswick (Barokian dub)