Sunrise Sound Services is an American sound effects, sound editing, sound design, sound mixing and music recording company. Its main facilities are located at Detroit, Michigan.


Sunrise Sound Services was founded on New Year's 1950 by Japanese-American sound designers Hideyoshi Kinoshita, Yuko Kinoshita and Kazumi Yoshida after their previous company, Kinoshita Sound, failed.

When the company first opened its doors for business, the staff consisted of the two Kinoshitas (Hideyoshi and Yuko) and Kazumi Yoshida. Together, they answered phones, recorded sound effects and foley, mixed the shows, did all the transfers, and cleaned the studio. Hiring help was the only way to keep up with a steadily increasing workload.

Sunrise Sound Services' staff of sound designers and re-recording mixers have either won or been nominated for an Academy Award for Best Sound and Best Sound Editing every year since 1975.

Mixing stages, editorial services, and scoring stages are all located in a central 'Tech Building', with dining areas and living quarters in the vicinity but separate from the main work area.

In 1980, they recorded all the custom music of Carwardine Colony.


  • Hideyoshi Kinoshita (President)
  • Yuko Kinoshita (President)
  • Kazumi Yoshida (President)
  • Shigeki Maeda (Chairman, Re-Recording Mixer)
  • Joseph Warner (CEO, Supervising Sound Editor)
  • Timothy Turner (Studio Manager)
  • Ray de Santa (Re-Recording Mixer)
  • Timothy Scott (Re-Recording Mixer)
  • Isaac Baker (Re-Recording Mixer)
  • Karishma Puar (Sound Designer/Editor)
  • Clarence Warner (Supervising Sound Editor)
  • Satoshi Shimada (Supervising Sound Editor)
  • Lorenzo Lopez (Supervising Sound Editor)
  • Alex Smith (Dialogue Editor)
  • Josh Martin (Chief Digital Transfer Technician/Stage Recordist)
  • Steven Phillips (Sound Designer/Editor)
  • Trevor Phillips (Sound Designer/Editor)
  • Sam Campbell (Sound Designer/Editor)
  • Clarence Perry (Sound Designer/Editor)
  • Noriko Sato (Sound Designer/Editor)
  • Noriyuki Izumo (Sound Designer/Editor)
  • Byung-hoon Lee (Sound Designer/Editor)
  • Somchai Boonchuy (Sound Designer/Editor)
  • Whitney Larson (Sound Designer/Editor) (Joined in 2017)
  • Jorge Spain (Re-Recording Mixer)
  • François Spain (Re-Recording Mixer)
  • Patrick Clinton (Dialogue Editor)
  • Hiroko Takagi (Foley Artist) (Joined in 1995)
  • Hiroki Emori (Foley Artist) (Joined in 2000)
  • Hiroyuki Emori (Foley Artist) (Joined in 2000)
  • Nobuyuki Emori (Foley Artist) (Joined in 2000)
  • Naoko Shimada (Sound Designer/Editor) (Joined in 2014)
  • Kentaro Shiozawa (Sound Designer/Editor) (Joined in 2017)
  • Todd Long (Chief Technical Engineer)
  • Timothy Carter (Digital Transfer Technician)
  • Carter Wilson (Stage Recordist)
  • Bo Jing Sun (Stage Recordist)
  • Saeko Inagaki (Sound Designer/Editor) (Joined in 2010)
  • Hideyuki Hayashi (Sound Designer/Editor) (Joined in 1990)
  • Keiko Hayashi (Sound Designer/Editor) (Joined in 1990)
  • Cristóbal Alemán (Re-Recording Mixer)
  • Seiko Hayashi (Re-Recording Mixer) (Joined in 1990)
  • Daniel Rodriguez (Foley Mixer/Foley Artist)
  • Arsène Chappuis (Foley Artist)
  • Pierre Darche (Re-Recording Mixer)
  • Richard Hill (Sound Production Manager)
  • Katsutoshi Sato (Sound Production Manager)
  • Kazue Ueno (Sound Designer/Editor)
  • Ichiro Ueno (Re-Recording Mixer)
  • Jeffrey Adams (ADR Specialist)
  • Minoru Mineta (ADR Specialist/Re-Recording Mixer/Chief Technical Engineer)
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