Super Mario Bros. & Friends is an American-British-Japanese computer-animated television series produced by Yoshi Animation Studios and distributed by 1happycats Productions. The show premiered in 2016.


Season 1

All episodes from this season were adapted from Super Mario Bros. & Friends: When I Grow Up.

  1. Mario the Chef
  2. Mario the Attorney
  3. Mario and Luigi the Racecar Drivers
  4. Mario the Scientist
  5. Link the Travel Guide
  6. Doctor Mario
  7. Mario the Astronomer
  8. Mario the Carpenter
  9. Ballerina Princess Peach
  10. Mouser the Disc Jockey
  11. Mario and Luigi the Firefighters
  12. The Three Professional Athletes
  13. Mario the Computer Programmer
  14. Mario the Armed Forces Pilot
  15. Mario the Farmer
  16. Mario the Forest Ranger
  17. Mario the Marine Biologist
  18. Ludwig the Musician
  19. Mario and Luigi the Plumbers
  20. Peach the Fashion Dancer
  21. Mario the Zoo Keeper
  22. Mario the Police Officer
  23. Peach the Journalist
  24. Luigi the Teacher
  25. Mario the Homemaker
  26. Mario the Barber
  27. Bowser the Business Executive
  28. Mario the Astronaut
  29. Mario the Pharmacist
  30. Luigi the Veterinarian

Season 2

  1. Mario's Nightmare
  2. The Shy Guy Thief


The Search for Papa

This was the first movie in the Super Mario Bros. & Friends franchise, released on March 24, 2018. It centers around Mario and Luigi going around the world to find their missing father.


  • The first season was animated by Yoshi Animation Studios in-house. Beginning with the second season, it was outsourced to Assemblage Entertainment in India.
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