Super Mario Bros. & Friends: The Search for Papa is a 2018 American-British-Japanese computer-animated film and the first based on the computer-animated television series, Super Mario Bros. & Friends. It was the first film based on the Mario franchise since the 1993 live-action Super Mario Bros. movie.

The film centers around Mario and Luigi going around the world to find their missing father.


The Story of Papa

The movie beings with the story of Jumpman, Mario's long-lost father being told in a storybook.

The Search Begins

This inspires Mario to go search for his missing father.

Rome, Nairobi, Beijing, Moscow and San Francisco

Mario continues to search for his father while Luigi searches for a new pass. Luigi eventually finds one, and use it for their next five trips.

Athens, Madrid, Marrakech, Mexico City and Paris

Berlin, Buenos Aires, Dublin, Kathmandu and Sydney

Amsterdam, Bombay, Cairo, Tokyo and Toronto

They find another new pass and use that for their next five trips.

Istanbul, Jerusalem, London, New York City and Rio de Janeiro

The Final Showdown

Mario and Luigi finally managed to get to the room where Papa is.

Mama makes a deal with Mario: they would have a fight, and if Mario wins, he can free Papa, but if Mama wins, Papa will remain imprisoned. Mario accepts the deal and the fight begins as a crowd watches. Mario unsuccessfully tries to win the fight, and after being beaten up by Mama several times, he eventually gets knocked out. With that, Peach, Daisy, Yoshi, Toad, Link, Ness and the rest of the good people from the crowd try to win Mama's fight, but again get knocked out.

Mama tells the others that no one will ever be strong enough to defeat her and tries to abandon them by leaving the castle. Luigi (the only good person besides Papa who was not involved in the fight and thus wasn't knocked out) tears Mama's dress off while she tries to run away, exposing her underwear which the others laugh at, much to Mama's embarassment and annoyance. Luigi shakes the dress to retrieve the key to Papa's cell, and then throws the dress away. Mama wonders where her dress is, Luigi then lies to her saying he threw the dress off the balcony. Mama leans over the railing to look for it, but is kicked off by Luigi, and she lands in the snow so hard that her earrings stop working, and says "You're grounded, forever..." weakly, before passing out.

Luigi then opens Papa's cell and this excites Mario so much that he finally wakes up and the three dance around in joy. They then go outside and shake Yoshi's hand before going into the Bulletbus for the last time, only to remember that it won't go without a pass that hasn't expired. Mario and Luigi have used all their passes up and, since they had a long, exhausting trip, don't feel like looking around for another one. Fortunately, the driver tells them one extra stop won't hurt, so with that they all drive off into the distance together as Mario and Luigi tell Papa and the others about their big trip. The final scene has Mama poking her head out of the snow, looking in their direction with her dress back on.


  • Charles Martinet as Mario
  • Abby Valenti as Mama





Home media


Video game

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A video game based on the film was developed by Yoshi Interactive Studios and published by 1happycats Interactive Media.



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