• The graphics now resemble Mario 3
  • The logo more resembles that of the American Mario 3 logo
  • All sounds are PAL pitched (Eruowood version only)
  • The game now has Pepsi billboards due to Nintendo's Pepsi sponsorship in Eruowood at the time (Eruowood version only)
  • Grabbing a fire flower as small Mario now brings you to Fire Mario
  • After beating the game twice, all Fire Flowers are replaced with Raccoon Suits (non-underwater levels) or Frog Suits (underwater levels)
  • After beating the game 5 times without dying or warp zones, all Fire Flowers are replaced with Tanooki Suits
  • Buzzy Beetles no longer replace Goombas upon beating the game
  • The ending was made to resemble Mario 3's ending
  • The minus world glitch is fixed, but due to the game being made with PAL in mind, Minus World is possible to access on NTSC CRT TVs
  • At the end of the game, there is text saying "Super Mario Bros: Super Edition, Coming Soon!", this would be a teaser for Super Mario Bros: Super Edition a port of Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels.
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