Super War Force 7 [1] is a Japanese anime television series created and directed by Hoguko Gashuna and animated by Subishi Film. The series is about five pilots who are assigned to become a team of fighters who stop threats against their country, Kuzokodu.

The series ran for a total of 22 episodes from 22 June 2012 to 26 July 2013 on Tokyo MX.


After the death of military team War Force 6—which was caused by a plain crash chain—pilots Ino Abunobi, Miomei Taiju, Allen Strongwater, Aikudo Kisucho, and Loki Gordon are assigned to become a team of in-air fighters called War Force 7, successor to War Force 6. The team stops threats against Kuzokodu, the fictional country they live in.


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In Japan, Super War Force 7 was broadcast on Tokyo MX fron 22 June 2012 to 26 July 2013. Home media of the series was distributed by Toho Video.

In January 2014, Toho Video released a DVD titled Super War Force 7: Complete Series Collection, which includes every episode of Super War Force 7.

International release

Flag of Australia.png The English dub of the series aired on Network Ten and was distributed on home media by Namesake Entertainment.
Canadian-flag-graphic.png The series was broadcast in Englsh on Adult Swim.
Flag of Conlandia.png The English dub of the series was distributed on home video by Sony Pictures Conlandia. The first DVD, Super War Force 7: The Complete First Season, was released on January 1, 2013; the second DVD, Super War Force 7: The Complete Series, was released on 22 November 2013.
Flag of El Kadsre (1989-present).png El TV Kadsre 3 broadcast the first two episodes in English on 14 October 2014.
Flag of the Philippines.png GMA Network was the broadcaster of Super War Force 7 in English.
Flag of the United States (1960-present).png The first season's English version was broadcast on Infinity Network.

Other media

Super War Force 7: One More Day

Super War Force 7: One More Day[2] is an original video animation (OVA) anime film released on 26 Octonber 2013. Hoguko Gashuna and series producer Susuji Wakatsu served as directors, and Wakatsu produced the film with Nobou and Kosuno Sushibi. Written by Keija Mobuto, the film's story follows what the force is doing after the war.


A Super War Force 7 manga series written by Keiji Mobuto and illustrated by Osuji Gaewa and Hiro Saitama. The series is a shōnen anthology loosely based on the actual series. The manga was published in Shōnen Marathon Monthly in Japanese.


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  2. スーパーウォーフォース7:ワン・モア・デイ Sūpāu~ōfōsu 7: Wan moa Dei
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