Superstars is the theme song of the 1993 Kuboian Kantasy series Greenwood Forest, sung by Ashley Maverick. It was released as a single round about the same time the show premiered.


An early version of Superstars, with less lyrics and no backing vocals, was recorded in late 1990. However, Ashley Maverick re-recorded her vocals in November 1992.

According to Ashley Maverick, the lyrics to Superstars are sung in the perspective of Billie, the twin sister of Greenwood Forest's main protagonist, Fyp. Due to being the theme song for the series, it plays during the opening sequence at the beginning of every episode.

The single version of the song lasts four minutes. When Greenwood Forest aired on Bumper's Block, however, a shorter version lasting only two and a half minutes was used for the opening sequence instead. Later reruns on KT, as well as international airings, used an even shorter version, which only lasted a minute and a half.

The song is in the key of C major, with a tempo of 127 beats per minute.

Track listing

Promotional CD single

  1. "Superstars"
  2. "Superstars" (credits)


Chart (1995) Peak
Kuboia (Karuboia) 6
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