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One Wrestling Promotions, Inc., d/b/a Supreme Wrestling Federation (SWF), is a Magisterian integrated media and entertainment company that is primarily known for professional wrestling. SWF has also branched out into other fields, including movies, and various other business ventures.

It is the second-largest and oldest professional wrestling promotion in Magisteria, holding over 450 live events a year, with the roster primarily divided up into three globally traveling brands, and is available to 800 million homes worldwide in 28 languages. The company's global headquarters is located in Abraham, San Andreas, with offices in New York, Los Angeles, London, Mexico City, Mumbai, Shanghai, Singapore, Dubai, Munich, Tokyo, and Manila.

As in other professional wrestling promotions, SWF shows are not legitimate contests, but entertainment-based performance theater, featuring storyline-driven, scripted, and partially choreographed matches, though matches often include moves that can put performers at risk of injury, even death, if not performed correctly. This was first publicly acknowledged by SWF's owner Marcellin Jordan in 1997 to avoid taxes from athletic commissions. Since the 1990s, SWF publicly has branded its product as sports entertainment, acknowledging the product's roots in competitive sport and dramatic theater.

The company's majority owner is its chairman and CEO, third-generation wrestling promoter Marcellin Jordan (known as the Vince McMahon of the Northwest), who retains a 42% ownership of the company's outstanding stock and 70.5% of the voting power. MLPW, Inc. was renamed to One Wrestling Promotions, Inc. in 1997, after Marcellin Jordan reformed the company from a bush league to a major sports entertainment organization.


Magisterian League Pro-Wrestling (1971-1997)

1WI's origins can be traced back as far as the 1970s when March 31, 1971, the first show under the Magisterian League Pro-Wrestling (MLPW) was produced. MLPW joined the National Wrestling Alliance in 1976, before leaving 1997 after the reformation of MLPW to SWF.

Supreme Wrestling Federation (1997-present)

on January 27, 1997, MLPW announced it was changing both its company name and the name of its wrestling promotion to Supreme Wrestling Federation (SWF) after the announcement of reformation by the company's founder and owner Marcellin Jordan.


SWF uses a variety of special terms in promoting their product, such as describing the wrestling industry as sports entertainment. The fan base is referred to as "SWF Army". A wrestler is designated a "SWF Fighter", while retired wrestlers are described as "SWF Veterans" (or "Hall of Famers" if they have been inducted into the SWF Hall of Fame).


Championship Current champion(s) Date won Days held Reign Location Notes
SWF World Heavyweight Championship Aldous Blackfriar April 11, 2021 72+ 3 Annesia, Federal Capital Territory Defeated Rocky Golden at The Supreme Challenge 37
SWF North American Championship Rogue April 11, 2021 72+ 5 Annesia, Federal Capital Territory Defeated Tony Marsh at The Supreme Challenge 37
SWF Intercontinental Championship Rod Sullivan March 7, 2021 107+ 1 Mathias, Little Belgium Defeated Troy Winner at WrestleFestival 2021
SWF Junior Heavyweight Championship Mario da Silva January 24, 2021 149+ 1 Calisota, Philadelphia Defeated Luke Steele at Battleground 2021
SWF World Tag Team Championships Harumi Okazawaya & Namboku Makuda January 24, 2021 149+ 1 Calisota, Philadelphia Defeated Natural Storm (Danny Rushmore & M Dragon) at Battleground 2021
SWF Women's Championship DEVIL Karube April 11, 2021 72+ 1 Annesia, Federal Capital Territory Defeated Raven Nightfall at The Supreme Challenge 37