Surya FM (Katrali:सूराया एफ एम; Suraya Ef Em; lit. Sun FM) is a radio station in Katralabashu. It is the most popular music station in the country. It is usually operated through 89.3 FM all over Katralabashu. Its current RJ is Rajya Komara Hurman.


During its first years, Surya FM was a news radio, broadcasting only news, business, investigation and economy content everyday 8 hours from 1pm to 9pm. In 1979, the station started to broadcast songs, transformed into a complete music station in 1983.

In 1986, Surya FM started to air English Pop Songs, even started to air the most popular news show, Gaana News.

In 1991, the station started to broadcast 24 hours. In 1998, it started to air songs from all over the world.

In 2005, a Katrali song, Choru Harja Myakali, sung by Patel Kambaliya, became the most popular song on the station. It even became an internet meme.

As of right now, the station airs songs, news, chat shows and even more.


Tip: The * sign means it airs everyday.

  • *Top 10 Chartz (Airs 10 random songs everyday)
  • Popsicles (Airs Pop Songs; Katrali)
  • Chatbook (Talk show)
  • *Inter-National (International songs)
  • Maratha Box (Marathi Songs; also airs Indian)
  • *Tunak Tunak Tunak (Punjabi songs)
  • *Gaana News (News about Music Videos, Songs, Singers, Bands etc.)
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