Not to be confused with Susumu Takajima.

'Susumu Mizushima' (Japanese: 水嶋 進, Hepburn: 'Mizushima Susumu') (born January 18, 1946) is the El Kadsreian politician and political leader who was Governor of the Administrative Region of the Vlokozuian State of El Kadsre from 1982-1984, the president of the Vlokozu Union from 1984-1989, prime minister of El Kadsre from 1989 until his resignation in 1990 and the CEO of El TV Kadsre Television Network from 1991-1994. He currently is the owner of the EKBL team Cicmpillici Phantoms and the El Kadsreian Premier League club Wats F.C.

Early life


Mizushima was born in Tomigusuku, Okinawa, United States Military Government of the Ryukyu Islands to a Japanese-American father who was in the United States Navy and a Korean-Japanese mother.

Status in the Vlokozu Union

Personal Life

Mizushima has a genetic disorder that causes gray hair at an early age. His nephew Rick Henson is the leader of the Rick Henson List party, whilst his other nephew Shinobu Mizushima was one of the four perpetrators of the 2009 Westfield Caelum shooting.

In popular culture

Fido portrayed Mizushima in the 2002 documentary comedy film Vlokozu.

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