T'aavi, officially the Kingdom of T'aavi (T'aava: Osjeya T'aavi), is a country located in South Asia. It is the most populated absolute monarchy. surrounded by the Indian ocean and partially by the Pacific ocean. It shared borders with China and India.

The national religion is Sjava. Sjava is the source of many traditions in T'aavi. The economy and laws are often based on Sjava.


T'aavi is a quite large and developed nation, home to over 850 million people. The huge majority of people in T'aavi are native T'aava. Originally, T'aavi had a lot more people from other countries, but currently there are very few.The official language is T'aav, spoken by almost all people in T'aavi.


Originally, the people came to the land to find new crops and new land. This became a very popular thing to do in the current land of T'aavi. Many settlers were trying to set up a regulation for the land because they felt as though it should belong to them. Many people were mad and tried to prevent their regulation. This backfired and caused a huge issue with the ownership of the land. It continued a long fight between sides.

T'aavi War (1200-1209)

The T'aavi War was started when the settlers were attempting to create a regulation in which they control the land. Many people disagreed and thought the land was for everyone. It started a war which lasted for a little less than nine years. The settlers had more equipment and the South Asians didn't have a lot to fight with. Ultimately, the settlers won the fight and set up a nation. The leader of the team, Osjava, became king of the taken land. It was name T'aavi after the culture that had taken over.


Transition Period (1209-1293)

After the T'aava had officially started their nation in the land, they were struggling to keep it alive. People gathered resources on their own and the king Osjava had no way of taking care of a whole nation. Osjava eventually died in 1234 at the age of 66. His son, An'aa became king at the age of 38.

Order Period (1293-1421)

There were new sets of regulations for the nation to keep it alive. People had larger access to food and water, and they let more people into their nation. Many more protests started to let everyone in. The law was that the king needed to approve of people wanting to move in.

Violent Period (1421-1571)

Many people were angry at the king and how he was discriminating against people. Eventually, in 1512, the king at the time, T'oyo was assassinated.


The national currency is the T'aava Prey.

$1.00 x 0.59
$10 x 5.89
$100 x 58.97
$1000 x 589.76
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